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The Yin Warriors





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October 19, 2013

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The story circulates how Lotus, Michiko, and Kan mastered their bending skills in their younger years.

Lotus' Story

The story starts with a young girl running barefooted and earthbending in a cave with two badgermoles reciting their movements.

Young Lotus - [Confidently] "Ha, I'm getting the hang of this."

The badgermoles make a large earth wall to block her path.

Young Lotus - "You may have disabled my sight, but that doesn't mean I can't rely on my other senses!"

Lotus' toes tic to the badgermoles' movement on the other side and smashes it to unblock her path.

Young Lotus - [Under her breath] "Almost there."

Lotus comes nose to nose with the badgermoles and reaches the opening of the cave. She picks up speed and jumps in the air and punches a hole in the wall instead.

Young Lotus - [Laughs] "Woo-Hoo, yes!"

As Lotus lands on the ground, a group of nomads cheer for her, and a nomad lady runs to hug her.

Padma - "Lotus, me and your father have never been more proud of you!"

A man rushes to hug them also.

Young Lotus - "Thanks Mom, thanks Dad."

Sen - "To think we just saw you catch a fish with just a rock yesterday."

Padma - "You didn't, Honey Pot, that was me. Remember?"

A group of nomads carry her on their shoulders and cheer.

Nomads - "Lotus! Lotus! Lotus!"

Lotus - [Confused] "What!"

Pans up to the sun

Michiko's Story

Panning down, it was a sunny day and a young girl was firebending. An elder lady and a young boy watched her while tending to her koala sheep while a sky bison was eating hay.

Mei - "More power from the heart and more ferocity."

Young Michiko - "I'm trying."

Michiko threw a few powerful kicks and punches while shortening her power.

Young Chey - [Throws fist in the air] "Awesome, Michiko!"

Mei - "Imagine trying to take down an entire army by yourself!"

Young Michiko - "Got it!"

Mei - "Now let me hear your roar!"

Michiko let out a feeble roar and a wispy amount of fire went out.

Young Michiko - "Roar?"

Mei - "That was weak, young lady, I said a ROAR!"

Michiko repeated her attack, but with a louder roar and her fire changed into a purple color.

Young Michiko - "ROAR!"

The koala sheep were startled and huddled together behind Amma and Chey while Mei smiled and nodded.

Mei - "Well done, my pupil, you have achieved the level of master firebending."

Michiko ceased her fire, wiped her forehead, and bowed.

Young Michiko - "I never would've made it without you, Aunt Mei."

Mei - "I believe you're ready for the Real Masters."

Young Michiko - "Real Masters?"

As Michiko and Mei walk away together, the scene pans up to the sun.

Kan's Story

The sun in the day fades to a full moon at night and pans down to an older lady, a young boy, and a younger girl, who are performing waterbending.

Mikya - "Remember to 'push and pull' the water, Kan."

Young Kan - "Isn't that what I'm doing, Mom?"

Mikya - "You are 'feeling the push', but you're not 'feeling the pull'."

Panning to the left, Kairi recites the movement with ease.

Young Kairi - [taunting] "He'll never get it, Mom. He's 'un-teachable'." [laughs]

Mikya - [sternly] "Young lady, quit teasing your brother!"

Kan stops and drops the water while bowing his head.

Young Kan - [dejected] "Face it, Mom, I'm not gonna become a great waterbender with these basic 'push and pull' movements. I need the advanced set."

Mikya - [stops her technique and bends down to reassure Kan while rubbing his shoulder] "Many people have said that, Kan, but only those who have patience and self-control can move forward. Keep at it, and you'll be fine."

Kan smiles and resumes the technique. The next night, when he takes a deep breath, Kan forces his hands up and creates a giant ice wall.

Mikya smiles in delight, and Kairi looks in awe.

Kairi - "Way to go, big bro."

Kairi gives her brother a high five, and Mikya hugs him.

Chey's Story

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