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Warning: This page contains spoilers to Next Generations fanon story. Chapter 7 in particular.

First Attack on Plains Village (later renamed New ZeaZhao)


Establishment of Zuang


Fall of Gaoling


Rise of the Old Glory Gang


104 AG


Plains Village


  • Disappointment spread around Team Avatar and allies
  • Fire Nation Military lost 7 airships


Fire Nation Airships and Aang

Old Glory Gang and allies


Forces involved

  • 10 airships (9 later, and more later, 3) containing three Firebenders each
  • Appa
  • Jong Kong
  • Assassin Hiku Indiku
  • Assasin Fu Gan
  • Gow's Earthbender crew
  • One airship (later two)
  • Some village civilians


  • Six airships damaged
  • One airship captured
  • Two legs of Appa hurt
  • Aang slightly injured
  • Many houses burnt
  • Many Earthbenders injured
  • Jong Kong slightly injured
  • Many metal trays broken


First Attack on Plains Village is the name given to the first attempt to attack Old Glory Gang's territory, as nobody ever attacked the hideout north to Omashu and this was the first time somebody attacks Plains Village under Old Glory Gang.

The battle started before expected because Zhao was luckily on the very side of the village, noticing Appa quickly. Because of that, Aang's tactical plans were destroyed and he had to fight alone while airships of the Fire Nation were expecting him to defend them. After a long battle, two of Gow's men could capture an airship and they used Sokka's "airship slice" to destroy six airships, which resulted in Aang's fear and surrendering.


Two days before the attack, Aang, Zuko and Mai read a message from a civilian in Plains Village about Zhao's control of Plains Village forwarded by the Earth King in Ba Sing Se. Zuko went angry but Aang calmed him down, they both decided that Aang has to go to the Southern Water Tribe and plan with Sokka then inform Zuko.

The next day, in the very morning, Zhao invented a new weapon and called it the bomb, he thought that the rock can break wooden floors and ceilings and the fire will burn other sides of the wood.

The same morning, Aang flew to the Southern Water Tribe, he went and planned with Sokka. Everybody thought it would be an easy mission, so the plan was that Aang hides behind a mountain and airships attack, from behind the mountain Aang blocks shots by Zhao on airships then counterattack. If Zhao's Earthbenders bend the mountain to knock Aang down, Appa will fly with Aang. After airships start destroying Zhao's allies, Aang uses Energybending to strip Zhao out of his Firebending.

The Battle

The battle didn't go as the plan decided to, so the plan was a failure. That's because Zhao was in the very side of the village and noticed Appa quickly.

Earthbenders started to bend the mountain, Aang had no chance to shoot before he hopped on Appa, Zhao's bombs started to get fired at Appa. Appa avoided, Aang bended fire at them, Firebenders in the airship were also attacked by bombs, bombs thrown at Aang were fired by Zhao while the ones at airships by Jong Kong. Aang bended earth to knock Gow's Earthbenders on the floor, Zhao started blasting fire at Appa's legs, he hurt two of six, then, Aang couldn't control Appa, Aang was so angry, he air bended Appa's legs to help him but Appa was still afraid, airships fought bravely and could injure many Earthbenders, Aang used his glider to fly and with Airbending, he could get people out of his way to land safely. He landed, Fu Gan started dueling him with his sword, while Aang avoided with Earthbending, from behind him, Zhao blasted fire at him and held him well, Aang used Earthbending to get away, he ran to the fighting crew who were attacking the airships. All by himself, he knocked ten Earthbenders on the floor, luckily, there was a bucket of water, he used the water to freeze the fighters, Jong Kong fired him and knocked him down, Zhao ordered two Earthbenders to fly with the airship to fight, the remaining three Earthbenders, including Hiku, were forced to attack the ten airships alone from bellow, Zhao fired at Aang fireballs, Aang blocked them with Airbending, Jong Kong, who was holding him to the floor, hit him hard, Aang was almost wounded, but Appa arrived and hit Jong Kong hard, Jong Kong was sent backwards until he hit a house and wounded on the floor. Aang hopped on Appa, but Zhao quickly flew using fire, the airship belonging to OGG used Sokka's "airship slice" technique to knock down five airships, while Zhao captured another airship. Aang jumped to Zhao's airship, they fought as Fu Gan freed Earthbenders from the ice. Aang jumped, with Zhao under his legs, landing with Zhao knocked on the floor and Aang stepping on him, Jong Kong blasted Aang away, while one of the two Earthbenders flying in the airship jumped to the one Zhao captured, on that ship, three of Zuko's forces were imprisoned on the ship! Aang managed to escape and hide in the village, he went to the village's prison and freed all the people, these people agreed to fight along with Aang as well as the other civilians who joined OGG, with them, Aang attacked Zhao's allies while Zhao, Jong Kong, Hiku and the two captured airships were forced to fight the other four airships alone. Aang noticed a shop which had metal trays, he used them to arrest Gow and his thirteen men (originally fifteen, two in the airships).


Aang ran back to where Zhao and remaining allies were fighting, he noticed that three airships only were remaining, six knocked down and one captured, so he surrendered and escaped, he ordered the remaining three airships to head to the Fire Nation Capital as he had their backs, while Zhao ordered his forces to stop fighting and was very very very happy.

Aang had great disappointment, which led him to ask Zuko to ask the Earth King for help.

Furthermore, the battle's outcome made Zhao very happy, which led him to rename the village to New ZeaZhao and prepare a ceremony.


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