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Darkness (chapter)

Whoever strikes first

Vongol flame members are readying for the attack at the underground courtyard. There are a total of 180 vongol flame members (not including Sokin and his bodyguards), there are 15 squadrons composing of 12 members each. Each Squadron is assigned a leader who is one of the "16 flames of the vongol". Roy's squadron will be the main attack force while Jack's two squadrons is the defensive force.

Meanwhile, above the ground, the dark army is closing in the Vongol flame headquarters. About 350 soldiers under the direct command of the Dark lotus.

Underground, Jack notices many cave-hoppers fleeing from something. Sokin then commanded everyone " We are under attack, prepare yourselves men. All squadrons to their proper locations!" Roy's squadron hurriedly goes to their attack spot.


Attack force

An Earthbender with seismic sense tells the group to stop. "The Dark army is just right above us". "Good job, Now every Earthbender create a fissure and collapse the ground. All Airbenders will make scatter the smoke then Firebenders will attack" Roy commanded his squadron. The Earthbenders collapsed the ground, Airbenders scattered the smoke and the Firebenders fired flame bursts against the dark army. The Earthbenders then raised the ground to its original form and the Airbenders cleared the smoke. Above the ground were many injured Dark army soldiers. The three dark lotus were suddenly surprised. "My my my, what happened?" the short one asked. "I never thought they were this good. It's as if an Avatar attacked us" the tall one said. "Ha! I'll just kill them all with my Firebending and Darkbending" the middle one shouted. The short one then used Earthbending to transport the everyone underground except the wounded.

When they were underground they see no signs of the Vongol flame.

Defense force

The short Dark lotus member used Earthbending to separate the dark army into groups and transported each into different tunnels. "That will make it easier to kill them all."

Jack and his squadron standby to defend the tunnel leading to the evacuated villagers. "We must defend this station at all costs". Jack then heard a screaming voice from the evacuation center. "Continue holding them off". Jack said running to the center. As soon as Jack got into the center he saw some villagers killed on the floor. A dark lotus member is standing on the middle holding a bloody sword. "I let them escape, but since you were late I killed some of them to pass the time" the member said with a grin "My name is Zoku, I am a master swordsman and a master Earthbender as well". Jack, not moving and saying a word looked Zoku in the eye and shouted "You will pay for what you've done, I will kill you right here right now!"

Jack rushed Zoku with Airbending only to get dodged by Zoku and punching him with an earth fist. "So fast!" Jack said. Zoku created multiple earth pillars and shields while Jack unleashed multiple air slices cutting all the earth in half. Zoku dodges the air slices but gets a piece of his hair sliced. "That was close, I never thought you Vongol flame people were strong." "Well think again!" Jack shouted, launching a mini tornado. "It's time to get serious," Zoku replied launching a Darkball. The tornado and the ball clash. When the blast finally cleared, Jack jumped through the smoke and does an air smash to the ground sending zoku flying. Jack then used air run and hit Zoku with multiple air punches. The wall collapses and Zoku, bleeding, goes down to the depths of the cavern but Jack uses an air sphere to hover and deliver the final blow. But as Jack leaves, Zoku charges with a small knife. Jack sees this and does an air pull to Zoku and delivers very powerful air punch sending Zoku through four tunnels. Jack then returns to the evacuation center and finds his squadron successfully defending the center.

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