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The metal rings pinch her wrists and ankles as a hand clamps to cover her mouth. The soldiers have everyone surrounded, every airbender at the Eastern Air Temple. As they continue en-caging her people, her people, her hands form fists.

They can't do this... they will kill us all...

Out of the corner of her eye, she can see flames emerging from a nearby room. Fire engulfs parts of the temple. She watches the flames slowly but fiercely swallow the temple with its bright orange and red teeth. As the blazing inferno bites down, ashes fly high into the air. Even for the airbenders, they breathe black smoke and ashes.

Avatar...where are you?

The soldiers harshly shove her forward, causing her to collapse on the cold cobblestone floor.

No...I won't let these people destroy me...

With all her might, she airbends her hands out of the metal cuffs and with a swift movement of her arms, she slips the cuffs off her ankles.

She feels the heat of flames begin to shoot at her. She swiftly dodges the fire blazing past her and runs as fast as she can to other monks.

She gently knocks nearby Fire Nation soldiers away from her teacher, Aina, as she attempts to free her.

"No, Aiko. You must run. You must survive," Aina begs.

"I can't just leave you all! I-I-I'll stay and fight!" she says, tears flowing from her eyes as she takes a fighting stance.

"No. You must leave. Remember, all life is sacred. Do not forget our ways, Aiko. It may one day be the only thing you have left," Aina says firmly, with a hint of sadness to her voice.

She looks deeply into Aina's eyes, seeing the sadness and fire reflecting off them. She turns away, tears flowing like rivers.

With more Fire Nation soldiers heading towards her, she snaps open her glider and flies away.

As she escapes, she looks back at her home, engulfed in blazing fires. Her friends, her family, she will never see them again. Tears rush from her eyes as she turns away...


  • This is a fanonbenders submission for the month of JUNE.
  • Aiko is the main character who is an airbender and suffering through the Fire Nation attacking her home. Her life is on the line. She wants to fight, she truly does, but her teacher and guardian Aina urges her to remember the monk ways and to keep them close, for she fears that the airbenders will be destroyed.

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