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Fire Lord Sento is the current Fire Lord and ruler of the Fire Nation. He resides in the Royal Palace located in the capital city of his nation. He has ruled for approximately ten years and during his rule the Fire Nation entered a golden era of science, art and peace. Due to the general prosperity of the nation, many regard Sento as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, Fire Lords to have ever lived. His strict, yet gentle rule has allowed the Fire Nation to move up leaps ahead of other nations in regards of technology and intelligence.

Regarded as one of the greatest Firebenders alive, in his youth Sento studied under a variety of renowned Firebenders including Zhin Tsu. However, despite his skill and prowess in battle, Sento is a very peaceful and life loving ruler, who has yet to retaliate to the Earth Kingdoms vicious and unprovoked attacks, hoping that he can still solve this dilemma diplomatically, such actions, have led many to question his tactical abilities. He was once married and has two children.


Born in the Fire Nation capital in the year 574 BG to the previous Fire Lord and his wife, Sento grew up surrounded by tutors and trainers, who taught him everything from etiquette, to battle tactics and Firebending. As a child he was incredibly smart and gifted, leading to him eventually becoming arrogant and spoiled. As an only child, he didn't have anyone to contest his right to rule and because of that he never tried to apply himself, much to the anger of his father. When he reached the age of fourteen however, he went under the tutelage of Zhin Tsu, who not only taught him Firebending, but philosophy and how to enjoy and love life. Zhin Tsu was the first one to show the poverty of the common folk to Sento, which touched his heart and led to him becoming a more humble and devoted man. At the age of twenty-two he married a daughter of a rich nobleman, whom he was quickly infatuated with and fell in love, though she passed away an unknown time later from a disease.

With his wife he had two children, a son and a daughter and tried to raise them himself, however due to his various duties it became increasingly harder. Even more so when at the age of thirty he was crowned Fire Lord after his father passed away in the year circa 545 BG. Sento, seeing that there was much work to be done requested Zhin Tsu to become his adviser and with their combined knowledge and abilities led the Fire Nation from its poverty and death stricken state to a rebirth of technological and scientific learning. Art, philosophy and appreciate of the human mind became an essential part of everyday life. He established many free schools, universities and learning facilities throughout the Fire Nation including museums, all of which he was capable of affording by reducing the nations massive military power down to the most minimal amount, attempting to use this time of peace to fund the nations rebirth and rise. Once the Earth Kingdom attacked however, Fire Lord Sento seeing their way of life being challenged and that the Fire Nation might not be able to stand ground, began looking for better options.

In the year 534 BG he alongside his trusted adviser Zhin Tsu informed Avatar Takeo of his duties and sent him off to train in the Southern Air Temple, in the hopes that he might finish his training fast enough and settle this dispute diplomatically.


Sento is without a doubt one of the most powerful Firebenders alive today. Having spent his entire youth training under a multitude of masters, eventually mastered Firebending to such a degree that he became one of the few men in the nation's history to singlehandedly defeat a dragon in his youth, however he claimed he did so out of self-defense. Though his abilities aren't fully known, he is considered the epitome of mastery. He can also generate lightning at incredible speed.

He is also a skilled tactician and leader, possessing a great amount of knowledge in politics and economics, he managed to restore a once poverty stricken backwater nation to an age of learning and advancements. He, hoping that he would never require to fight in a war, reduced the nations military power and despite the Earth Kingdom's attack, doesn't regret doing so because he believes that the many advancements that the Fire Nation has made will benefit the whole world.

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