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Fireguns are Fire Nation weaponry in Avatar: Alternum. They are firearms that shoot flaming wood pellets.


The firegun is designed to shoot flaming wood pellets. The guns are handheld, and are sleek. Its technology launches a wooden pellet through a lighter's fire and out the barrel. The lighter is set off by pulling the gun's trigger. The firegun's ability is greatly improved when used by a firebender. When used by a firebender, the lighter is not needed and does not need to be refueled. The user can use firebending to light the pellet on fire. When used with the lighter fluid, the fire is larger and hotter. Firing a firebended firegun can cause severe burns and firing a firebended firegun with lighter fluid can cause large burns that can be fatal.

Types of fireguns

  • Standard issue Phoenix Fire- A handgun firegun. It is the smallest and most common firegun. It is used by most Fire Nation soldiers and thieves and bandits throughout the Fire Nation and its colonies.
  • Submachine MBer Wave- A rare and deadly semi-automatic handgun firegun. It is similar to the Phoenix Fire but with a larger lighter and pellet compartment, and can fire pellets repeatedly. Prince Zuko carries one.
  • Distance Burner- A sniper firegun. It is the most deadly firegun and the largest. It has a scope and can hit distances of over 300 feet. June carries one, making her one of the few non-Fire Nation people to own one. The Yu Yan Snipers are known to use these.


  • Depending on how quickly someone fires and lets go of the trigger, the firegun can run out of lighter fluid fast.
  • The guns fire wood as they can light on fire, but wood is weak.
  • The bullets can be blocked with all bending. Air can push the pellets away, water can create an ice wall or whip it away, earth can bend an earth wall, and fire can use the fire on the pellets to redirect it.

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