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Northern Water Tribe warriors
General information

Mitros (deceased)

Notable members

Katas (deceased), Karno (deceased)


Mitros (deceased)


Northern Water Tribe (formerly)


Northern Water Tribe (formerly)


The Firefighters are an organization of the Northern Water Tribe founded by Mitros. Their official mission is to make sure the Fire Nation is punished for their actions in the War, but their leader has taken a far more drastic stance on that.

Background Edit

During the Siege of the North, Mitros volunteered for the infiltration of Zhao's ship along with Sokka and Han. Before they had a chance to go, he battled along with the rest of the Waterbenders against the Firebenders and took down an entire battalion. When the battle was done, he returned to his family's house only to find that his brother had been killed nearby where he was fighting. Mitros was devastated by this and began having fierce nightmares about that night. In one dream, he thought that the Moon and Ocean spirits told him to form a group to kill all firebenders. The Firefighters were founded the next day.

During the War Edit

While the war continued, the Firefighters helped in battle. They pressed into the Fire Nation archipelago with an intent of ending the war by force. The conquered a few islands, killing all Firebenders on them. Upon Avatar Aang's defeat of Ozai, many Firefighters expected that the war would be over and they could return to the Northern Water Tribe. When Mitros heard that the Fire Nation was not being punished, he became enraged toward the Royal family personally and the Avatar, who he realized was also a Firebender.

Operations after the War Edit

They remained in the Fire Nation, hoping to finish their lofty goal of elimination of all the Firebenders. They sunk a few ships returning from the Earth Kingdom containing Firebenders and began attacking villages near water. They also flooded the village of Juang Hui. Their stealth allowed their actions to go relatively unnoticed as actions of war.

They advanced further into the Fire Nation and when some Firefighters decided to attack the village of Shu Jing, the consequences were not what they expected. Unfortunately for them, the Avatar and his friends happened to be in that village and they did battle with a few civilians before being defeated by Avatar Aang.

The Firefighters have began taking a much darker route in their battle against the Fire Nation. In their most recent assault on Zhangzi Village, they killed many of the Firebenders outright. They imprisoned others in a building close to the outside of town. Zhentu and Team Avatar free the Firebenders before leaving to continue fighting the Firefighters.

Mitros is angry at the loss of this town, and orders the Aqua Assaulters to attack the team. After the attack fails, Mitros and Katas duel Aang, nearly killing him before he is forced to flee. Mitros and Katas follow him, but are defeated upon arriving at the campsite. Mitros and Katas retreat to Xian village, their last city that remains in their possession throughout the entire Fire Nation. Team Avatar stumbles into the village, prompting a battle in which Katas and Mitros need to flee once again.

The Firefighters flee south, towards the Southern Water Tribe. Mitros decides to approach Chief Hakoda to inquire about adding more troops to the Firefighters. When his request is denied, he becomes enraged. Pakku steps in and begins battling Pakku, while the rest of the Firefighters brawl with the rest of the Southern Warriors. Team Avatar arrives, and Katas duels Aang and Zuko, being killed when he is struck by Zuko's lightning. Mitros duels Pakku for an extended period, dying when Pakku sends Mitros' sword into him. After that battle, the Firefighters vanished, never to be heard from again.

Notable Members Edit


Mitros, leader and founder of the Firefighters.

Mitros Edit

Mitros is the founder of the organization and its leader. After the death of his brother at the Siege of the North, he believes he received a vision from Tui and La telling him to rid the world of Firebenders. During the first attacks on Team Avatar, Mitros stayed back. After the mounting defeats, he realized that he had to take proactive measures. After a few moderately successful attacks, and then being pushed back, Mitros commanded the Firefighters to go to the Southern Water Tribe to try and gain more soldiers to continue attacking the Fire Nation. He was killed after a prolonged duel with his former master, Pakku.

Katas Edit

Katas is the leader of the Aqua Assaulters. He is a powerful waterbender and wants revenge for the death of his comrades at the Siege of the North. He participates in numerous raids against the team, forcing them back and also dueling against Aang. He follows Mitros south and is killed by Zuko after dueling both him and Aang.

Karno Edit

Karno is a Waterbender who joined the Firefighters shortly after they were formed. He quickly proved his worth in the group, due to his massive strength and his tolerance of pain. He was trusted enough by Mitros to be left in charge of Zhangzi Village in Mitros' absence. Zhentu kills him after hearing of the death of his parents at Karno's hands.

Aqua Assaulters Edit

The Aqua Assaulters were formerly the only division of the Northern Water Tribe's defense beyond its borders. They joined the Firefighters and became a stealth unit that raided and conquered Fire Nation towns.

Trivia Edit

  • The name pretty obvious. That really says it all.

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