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Ozai and Zuko emerged from the room of spirit and time in Wan Shi Tong's library. They journeyed back to the Fire Nation capital and were reunited with Ursa and Azula. It had only been less than a day for Ursa and Azula, but Ozai and Zuko had not seen them in a year. Father and son were overjoyed to be reunited with mother and daughter, although brother and sister were not.


Ursa had cooked a delicious meal. Her husband was tucking into it heartily. He always did. Ozai had refused to eat from any hand but his wife's, much to her embarrassment. Their marriage was arranged and currently, Ursa was wondering if Ozai really was evil.

Iroh was enjoying Ursa's cooking as well and received her appreciation for this, largely to his younger brother's jealousy. It was evident that after he lost his wife, Iroh had thought of Ursa as a wife more than as a sister-in-law. Ursa herself did not reciprocate Iroh's husbandly feelings for her.

Later that day, Ozai sat on the Fire Lord's throne. His wife and their kids sat before the flames.

"I have no secrets from my wife and our children. You were all taught that the Fire Nation is the greatest civilization in history and that somehow, the war was our way of sharing our greatness with the rest of the world."

Ursa said, "Yes, when I grew up, that's what I was taught."

Azula said, "Us too."

Zuko said, "Yeah, Dad. What's up?"

"That was all an amazing lie. The people of the world are terrified by the Fire Nation. They don't see us for our greatness. They hate us and we deserve it. We've created an era of fear in the world."

Zuko said, "Then the war has to come to an end. We need to replace the era of fear Great-Grandfather has created with a new era of peace and kindness."

Ozai laughed sadistically.

"I'm still evil. I still want to rule the world, I love all four of you. Family is not important to me in general. Just the four of you."

His wife and their son looked at him with their mouths open in awe. Azula was as calm and focused as ever.

Ozai addressed his children.

He said, "Children, your mother and I love you both. But, I don't want for you two to love each other. You do so on your own terms."

He smiled the evil smile that is seen in the other dimension

Azula share her father's sinister expression.

She told him "Don't worry, Dad. We understand."

She smiled wickedly at her brother. Zuko and their mother looked at her with surprise. Ozai noticed this.

He said, "Azula. You and your uncle both have my respect."

He smiled in their direction. He turned to face his wife and their son.

"Ursa. Zuko. You're weaklings. I love you both. I consider each of you a miserable failure. I tolerate your weakness. I think you're both worthless, but I stand it. So, why can't you tolerate my evil ways?"

Ursa asked, "What are your evil ways?"

Ozai said, "You look scared. Relax. No one at the present is someone I am going to wipe out. Kay? I want to be supreme ruler of the world."

Ursa was at a loss of words.

Ozai noted this. He walked away.

"Well, bye."

"No, stop!" shouted Ursa, "Hang on. Don't do it."

"And what do you want now?" Ozai asked, "Is there something else I can do for you?"

Ursa said, "Yes. There's one thing that I need to know. What is it that you're after? Is it the Avatar or is something bigger than that? Are you trying to steal people from their homes and put them in terrible prisons? What?"

"For now, it's conquering the world. And after that, I'll just have to see? The Fire Nation is the greatest civilization in history and somehow, this war is my way of becoming supreme ruler of the world. So that's what I'm going to do, now that peace and order is in the homeland."

"But, why? You don't have to do that." Zuko asked, "Why do you want the world to destroy itself. Why are you going to round up people and take them away? Grandfather commanded you to kill me. And now he's gone. Why can't you just leave everyone alone?"

"I'm only realizing the dreams of my father and my father's father. The world will be mine."

"Did you just hear yourself? Fire Lord Azulon is gone. You took care of that," Ursa told her husband.

"Yes. I haven't forgotten about that. But, this, Ursa, is a game. Fire Lord Azulon has nothing to do with this. And in games you don't destroy towns. You never destroy families. You never round people, steal them from their homes, and take them away to rot."

"Did you say a game? What do you mean?" Zuko asked his father, "This is just a game? That's why you're doing this. That's your only reason."

"Yes. And taking over the world is part of the game. It's fun. That's whyas long as I'm Fire Lord, the Fire Nation won't be taking any lives. The fighting time and again is one of the best parts of the game."

Ursa looked him in the eye.

Ursa said, "I love you, Ozai."

Ozai said, "I love you too, babe."

He bent the flames before his throne and cast them away.

"Come. Take your place by my side."

Ursa climbed the steps to the Fire Lord's summit and sat down next to her husband. Ozai kissed Ursa's lips and she reciprocated. They drew apart, gazing at each other with eyes full of love.

Ozai turned to his son.

Ozai said, "Because you two are weaklings, I have no respect for either of you."

Ursa said, "Ozai."

Ozai looked into her eyes and smiled evilly.

Ozai asked, "What are you going to do about it?"

Ursa kissed him square on the lips and he reciprocated. They broke apart, smiling lovingly at each other.

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