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A firearm is a device in A:TLAR designed to fire a projectile at high velocity, striking and killing/injuring a target on impact.


In the year 95 ASF, a man named Rin lived as a metalworker, in a small Earth Kingdom town in the northwest with his wife, Eri, and young son. Unfortunately, the Fire Nation's war machine quickly began to approach their region, disrupting their peaceful lives. In desperation for his family, Rin began to twist and intertwine pieces of metal, eventually managing to form what could serve as the shell of a weapon. After experimentation, he devised the reloading system successfully, and could use as many appropriately sized metal rounds as he possessed. And so, he created the first lever-action rifle, in order to defend his famly. The Fire Nation soon stormed their village. Rin and Teo were in their home, planning to hide from the Fire Nation. Unfortunately, Eri was not back from her trip to purchase food, for them to stock up. Rin saw the center of the village burning, and assumed that Eri had been killed along with the others. He loaded his rifle, determined to kill as many soldiers as possible. When the Fire Nation soldiers marched on his property, he did just that. From his window, he fired 16 rounds from his rifle. 16 soldiers were slain, by a shot in the head or chest.

The soldiers were furious at the peasant's murder of their brothers-in-arms, but their commanding officer ordered them to stand down. Impressed by the design of the rifle, and after a brief discussion with other officers, the sergeant made a proposition to Rin. He offered Rin to live securely with his son, in exchange for Rin dedicating his efforts to mass-producing firearms for the Fire Nation military. To ensure Rin's compliance, the officer ordered Teo's knees shattered. They complied with his orders, naturally, in spite of any hesitation. Rin agreed to the sergeant's terms, and as he was taken away from the ruins of the village, he saw the fallen body of his wife.

The Fire Nation refurbished the empty Northern Air Temple, converting it to a factory, managed by Rin. This factory is now the direct source of all firearms that are used in the field or stored in facilities like Hi Jang.


Blast powder, used mainly for mining before the creation of the gun, is used as a substance to propel bullets. A shell, with blast powder and the projectile itself in it, is loaded into the firearm. When the trigger of the firearm is pulled, the hammer of the weapons comes down, striking the bottom part of the shell. This creates a spark, igniting the blast powder, which propels the projectile forward. The projectile is kept spinning in the barrel of the weapon by grooves on it and on the inside of the barrel, known as rifling, which keeps the projectile stable as it exits the weapon.

There are two major types of firearms in the A:TLAR continuity. Rifles are long, accurate, lever-action firearms, capable of shooting great distances with great accuracy. Revolvers are small, pistol-like weapons. They have six barrels, each holding one bullet. They are not as accurate or powerful as rifles, but can be fired much faster.


Book One Chapters: 4, 6

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