Pai Sho
Fire and Fired
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Tea with Sokka





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Aang Meng Fang



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September 15, 2012

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Tea and Trouble

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Jobs in Poetry

Axel walks to the Jasmine Dragon his heart beating a mile a minute, the full moon shining like a glimmer of hope. It was sometime near 3 o' candle Am. By sunrise he had reached his destination he sat down by a litter bin and dosed off. At 7 o' candle he was awoke by a familiar pudgy man.

"What the monkey feathers! Axel exclaimed. Do I know you?"

"I'm Iroh," Iroh replied, his expression was kind but he had a gleam of amusement in his eyes.

"My name is Axard, but please call me Axel, please," was his reply.

Iroh nodded, he had more than a gleam in his eyes now. "I don't open till 8 but I'll let you have my first cup," Iroh spoke kindly. "By the way do you like pai sho?"

Axel nodded shyly. "But I'm not very good," Axel admitted humbly.

They stopped speaking with Mr., Sir., and Young man and used each other's names like old friends. Minutes passed like seconds as the two young and old played a game of pai sho.

"You play like a master, Axel, I wasn't that good till I was at least 30," Iroh admitted.

The game finished, Axel lost, and Iroh left to make tea which left Axel to think.

Will Lee welcome me back? his thoughts were interrupted by a sweet aroma somewhat familiar. His thoughts were put away his memories brought back. He had a clear picture in his head of his mother holding his sister in her arms while giving her a small bottle of sweet cream, and her arms waving as she drank. His mother's eyes full of sadness and pure pain. He was awoke by a small ting of a cup sat in front of him. "There's sweet cream in this am I right," Axel spoke calmly to match the way Iroh spoke.

"No one ever has found out till this day Axel," the tone he spoke was the same as Axel's.

"By the way does anyone named Sokka work here?" Axel asked.

"No, not any more did you know him?"

"Yes, please explain," Axel answered as he took a sip of tea. "Whoo that is good," Axel spoke excitedly "And I know the secret ingredient. Now seriously what the monkey feathers happened?"

"Okay yesterday after you left...." they were interrupted by a teenager with a scar on the right side of his face.

"I'll explain to Axel what happened; you make the tea Uncle," he spoke with a short temper.

"Uh... alright, Zuko," Iroh spoke slightly confused why Zuko knew Axel's name opened the doors with Zuko's help.

"Oh um... Axel is it." Zuko spoke with the same ill temper. "I sometimes sneak off and work here because I need a break from being Fire Lord. I ride my eelhound as fast as I can till I reach here. I let my hair down and wear a small hat see." Zuko was holding a yellow and green hat shaped like a bellboys. "The day Sokka was given the job he was happy because he had someone to pass down the knowledge that had been passed down to him by the greatest person ever to hold a sword Piando," Zuko spoke.

"Wow he never told me," was Axel's response.

"Anyway," Zuko spoke again. "He was excited about you and was swinging and dancing while scrubbing pots that had once had tea in them. He then bumped into me as I was heating water with firebending I hit the wooden counter and lit it on fire. Gladly Uncle... I mean Iroh caught it all and took the pot full of water and remains of tea on the fire and put it out but fired Sokka," Zuko finished his story.

"I see," Axel held back the tears as they stung his eyes and ran out not stopping to talk to his friend Pipa as she crossed the old dirt road. Not fighting back the tears any more busted out crying and hid behind the university.

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