Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Fire World in the last hundred years.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender
The Legend of Korra


An alternate universe rendering of "The Legend of Korra".

The Fire Nation has won the war, killing Avatar Aang—and the Avatar Spirit along with him, it seems. Now free from their biggest threat, the Fire Nation has joined the four nations together into the Phoenix Empire; the greatest empire ever known to man. But with every great empire comes dissent. Pockets of it still remain within the Empire, despite Phoenix Lord Azula's best attempts to snuff the rebellions out of existence. Nobody wants them ruining their otherwise perfect empire.

The opposition, the ones strong enough to fight against the oppression of the Phoenix Empire's harsh leaders. They are the rebels. They are the remaining waterbenders who have not been taken in by the Phoenix Empire as prisoners, conducting sparsely scattered raids on the Phoenix Empire, hidden in a strange city that only they know the location of, their last refuge. They are the Earth Kingdom Resistance, operating in hastily constructed bases, one of its main leaders after the Phoenix Empire on his own twisted agenda. And there is talk; dangerous, illegal talk amongst the rebels, hushed whispers that the Avatar has been reborn somewhere in the Water Tribes and is simply biding his or her time to lead the resistance to victory against the Phoenix Empire. But no such bender appears, and the murmurings soon cease, as the resistance fights on, although their hope is rapidly fading, and they can see it happening.

But then, there come more whispers across the wind. It speaks of a seventeen-year-old firebending prodigy. It speaks of a seventeen-year-old Water Tribe firebending prodigy, who had been picked out of the South Pole's camp on the Phoenix Lord's orders twelve years earlier. It speaks of a girl, a corporal in the Phoenix Empire's army, named Korra.


Book 1: Heart

33% complete.

Chapter One: Power
Chapter Two: Resistance
Chapter Three: Chaos
Chapter Four: Breakout
Interim: Shades of Gray
Chapter Five: Scars
Chapter Six: Cosmos
Chapter Seven: Vortex
Chapter Eight: Phoenix
Chapter Nine: Fire
Chapter Ten: Fallout
Chapter Eleven: Betrayal
Chapter Twelve: Avatar

Book 2: Mind

TBA; 14 chapters

Book 3: Body

TBA; 20 chapters

Book 4: Soul

TBA; 20 chapters


Book 1: Heart

In order of "importance". Liable to change. (Character pages coming after "Cosmos" is published.)

Korra: The main protagonist. A prodigious firebender, although this is strange in itself: both of her parents are from the Water Tribe. As of yet, she does not know of the enormous destiny in front of her.
Mako: A supporting protagonist, firebender, and a Phoenix Empire sergeant. He has a brother named Bolin, whose whereabouts are unknown.
Asami S.: The only non-bending member of Azula's elite guard.
Ruan (OC): A firebender at the training complex with Korra. She hides a dark secret that could very well jeopardize the whole world.
Katara: A member of the old Team Avatar, a master waterbender, and Sokka's sister. She is believed to be at the City of the Moon, although the exact coordinates are unknown.
Sokka: A member of the old Team Avatar, a non-bending sword master, and Katara's older brother. He is believed to be at the City of the Moon.
Zuko: The Prince of the Phoenix Empire, and Phoenix Lord Azula's older brother. Not much is known about him. He mostly keeps to himself and to the shadows, although the Phoenix Lord sometimes calls him to do some work for her.
Avatar Aang (deceased): The last Avatar, who was killed by Phoenix Lord Azula, then Princess Azula. His successor is unknown, if he even has a successor.
Azula: The leader of the Phoenix Empire. In accordance to Fire Lord Ozai's will, she succeeded the throne after her father's rather circumstantial death.

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