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Fire Nation emblem
Fire Nation Rebels
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Qin, Gangshou


Gangshou's Airfield


Fire Nation


To overthrow Zuko and reinstate Ozai as Fire Lord

The Fire Nation Rebels are led by Qin and Gangshou in Fanon:The Legend of Aang: Book 4: Air. They consist of the highest ranking generals and officers in the Fire Nation military.


Qin received word that Fire Lord Zuko would hold trials for the officers that served in the War. These trials were to decide if any war crimes were committed and, if found guilty, how to punish them. Using this information, Qin was able to convince the other officers to participate in a rebellion against Zuko. Using Gangshou's airships, they began transporting troops from the Earth Kingdom to help them overthrow Zuko and return Ozai to the throne.

After they had transported several thousand troops to the Fire Nation, they found out that Zuko was ahead of schedule. Due to this, they decided to move out with the troops they had and head for the Fire Nation Capital. The remainder of their forces would come over by ship, with Admiral Liang leading the fleet.

The rebellion has since been discovered by Jeong Jeong, who alerted Zuko of its existence. The forces that remain loyal to Zuko began preparations for any future combat.

The first clash took place outside of Piandao's castle. Gangshou led his forces to victory over the Loyalists after besting, but not killing, his former master.

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