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Fire Nation Rebel Army
General information
  • General Tizou
  • General Bujing
  • General Azai
Notable members
  • General Tizou
  • General Bujing
  • General Azai

Fire Nation west coast


To overthrow the reign of Fire Lord Zorro.

The Fire Nation Rebel Army was established with the goal of overthrowing Fire Lord Zorro following the Capture of the Fire Nation in 102 AG.

History Edit

The Fire Nation fell to Zorro in 102 AG. With this brought a new era of militarization of the Fire Nation, something not everyone wanted a part of, hoping for peace following the War.

General Tizou, Zuko's closest adviser, was on the run from Zorro's guards a short time after the capture when he caught up with General Azai in a small shop. Eventually, General Bujing joined them, and the three generals formulated a plan for rebellion.

Over the next two weeks, the generals gathered up rebels, including normal citizens and deserters of the Fire Nation Army who had no interest in following Zorro's imperialist plans. They gathered up almost five hundred forces over time, and once the forces were in place, they plotted the Rebellion Against the New Reign.

Rebellion Edit

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First fight Edit

These generals launched this rebellion on 7 September, deciding to directly attack the Fire Nation Capital. However, within 24 hours, they began to realize these plans wouldn't work, as the domestic forces had largely overwhelmed the Rebel Army, costing them a good chunk of their forces. At midday on 8 September, the generals pulled the army out and returned to their headquarters, deciding to take up a new plan.

Secondary strategy Edit

After some disagreement among the three generals, they agreed on a strategy to take other towns and convert more men over to the Rebel Army. Their captures raised morale of Fire Nation citizens against Zorro but had felt defeated after his easy capture over two weeks ago. This also allowed their forces to increase and would allow them to move towards another strike at the Capital.

Final strike at the Capital Edit

On 14 September, after increasing their manpower over twofold and capturing five locations, the Rebel Army attacked the Fire Nation Capital again, as Zorro had moved forward in his aggression at the rest of the world. By this point, the battle was now spreading to the Earth Kingdom, and the Southern Water Tribe was close to falling, meaning the Rebel Army needed to strike fast. This time, the three generals joined the battle, and it became a stalemate.

Entrance of Avatar Aang and Zuko Edit

The same day, Avatar Aang joined deposed Fire Lord Zuko and they made their way down to support the rebel cause. The generals declared them official members of the Rebel Army, but had them wait out the 14th before fighting. The two joined the battle on the 15th, helping the Rebels move towards the Royal Palace.

Last moments Edit

Following the conflict Edit

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