By Waterkai and Vaznock Part of the Kyoshi Revolts continuity.
Fire Nation Detention Facility
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Detention Facility

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The Fire Nation Detention Facility is an institution that holds young adults who question the Fire Nation's "supreme power". It is somewhat of a combination between prison and school. Children who attend the facility can be as young as 14, though the younger people are usually sent to school after a week or so.



After countless Fire Nation teenagers and adults rebelled against Phoenix King Ozai, his daughter became infuriated. Ozai did not care, but Azula felt the rebellious teenagers may have an effect on her son, Chen (they did). Recommended one day at a war meeting by a 10 year old Princess Mitsuki, Azula's daughter, the Supreme Fire Lord quickly adopted the idea of a detention facility, ordering her men to build the bleakest and largest building seen, but to make it look slightly like a "school". She wanted the building to be so forbidding, that she ordered her gothic friend, Mai to oversee the project.

Azula then realized she needed to appoint a Warden, or as she called it, a "headmaster". Her choice was easy to make, and she appointed a man named Adgul warden. Adgul led the facility with an iron fist. Nobody dared to try to escape, as they knew it would not be worth the risk and the idea of even becoming a fugitive. Adgul, however, did not become cocky, knowing that one day, there would be a brave member who would try to escape attempt, so he never let his guard down.

A New Inmate

After being caught by Mung, Mina is arrested and put into the facility, as Mung did not realize she was Earth Kingdom. Mina was terrified by Adgul, and also quickly became the target of many bullies. The only person that saved Mina was Kaila, a kind young girl, yet a tough intimidating girl who terrified bully groups, especially The Fiends. It was in the facility that Kaila told Mina of the Fire Nation's victory, and of the death of the Avatar and his friends. The girls where then taken to Adgul to be punished for "beating up" The Fiends, though they were transported to a school just before Kaila could stand up to a furious Adgul.


The facility, located in the Northern Fire Nation, is dark, bleak, forbidding, and very frightening. It is run by Warden Adgul, a fierce man who is determined to "slap some sense into the facility's vast collection of brats". Guards are placed across the facility to make sure nobody is able to escape, even though nobody really attempts to escape anyway.

Cells were the "patients" are kept align the building. The cells are messy and unkempt. Physical labor areas and dimly lit "classrooms" also surround the area. At the facility's highest floor, a luxurious office were the Warden and the "teachers" can relax is located. Students are punished severely if they dare to enter the particular story, unless they have a private invitation from the Warden, which has never happened.

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