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The Fire Nation Civil War was a conflict between Zuko's Fire Nation and the usurping Blue Flame, an army loyal to Azula. Azula's loyalists had a significant numerical advantage over Zuko. Zuko had called for Sokka's help in leading a combined defence from international volunteers and reached out to Philip Hellene for the Hellenic Army's intervention.

It also served as the battleground for the Hellenic Civil War, as Hellenic traitor, Malus Ignus, was forced out of his country and wished to enact revenge on Philip with military force.


There were many decisive battles in the war, starting from the Blue Flame's attack on Ember Island, and ending with a raid on the Boiling Rock, Azula's last stronghold.

Battle Outcome Notes
Ember Island Landing Blue Flame Victory
Battle for Roku's Island Indecisive
Battle for Fire Fountain Village Blue Flame Victory Intervention of allied army
Battle of Fire Nation Capital Fire Nation Victory
Siege of Fort Zuko Fire Nation Victory All Fire Nation forces were Hellenic
Fort Zuko Duel Fire Nation Victory Part of the Siege of Fort Zuko
Battle of the Ursa Plains Fire Nation Victory
Boiling Rock Raid Fire Nation Victory War concludes


Following the civil war, the Blue Flame Army was destroyed and the Hellenic traitors were killed. Without opposition, Philip abolished the senate and installed the House of Academics and the House of Lords. He then proclaimed himself the king.

To ensure the Hellenic Army would always be able to intervene in Asiatic matters, Zuko granted Ember Island to the Kingdom of Hellas, as long as Philip remained king (it would be renegotiated for next king).

The use of the united foreign volunteers created the United Army, and then later, the United Forces.

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