Avatar Roku firebending By AvatarRokusGhost Part of the Avatar: Energy Saga continuity.

The Fire Nation Civil War is the name given to the civil war that breaks out in the Fire Nation in Chapter Fifteen: Cave of the Ancients: Part Two of Energy Saga ( a chapter still yet to be released at the present.) It has been foreshadowed in previous chapters for some time and while it will not be the only focus of the upcoming chapter, it will be a major turning point and take the series in a new direction.

The war will present major challenges to Fire Lord Zuko, his family and the rest of Team Avatar as they are challenged and tested in ways they have not been yet – either in the canon show or in Energy Saga. It will have a drastic effect on Aang's use of Energybending and lead him to discover things and do things he never imagined he would be doing.

This page will be updated over time accordingly.

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