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The Armed Forces of the Fire Nation protected the country's sovereignty and were composed of four main service branches. Known as the greatest military force on Earth, it was composed of the Army, Domestic Forces, Navy, and Air Force. The armed forces were given mass reforms under Fire Lord Sozin that upgraded it greatly in 0 AG, the start of the Hundred Year War. The military preformed well prior to the intervention of the Avatar, managing to score many victories against the Military of the Earth Kingdom.

It was also known as the most advanced in the world. The Army was composed of hundreds of thousands of troops by 234 AG, and had a land navy of thousands of tanks and other vehicles, as well as cavalry. The Domestic Forces were nearly the same, but used a variety of different vehicles. The Navy operated thousands of vessels, as well as several airships and war balloons that were part of the naval aviation. The Air Force fields several hundred airships and several thousand fighter planes.


The Fire Nation Armed Forces first saw action during the Earth Kingdom invasion of the country. At the time, it was ruled by multiple shogunates who were not unified and constantly fought each other. However, when the First Earth King (the Earth Kingdom was united under him in a war several years prior) attempted to subjugate the island by using the, at the time, superior Earth Kingdom army and navy. The shogunates united their forces, and managed to give heavy casualties to the invasion force. In a series of battles, they defeated the Earth Kingdom invaders, and afterwards, the shogunates united to form the Fire Nation.

The military received major reforms and upgrades many years later, under Sozin. He increased the size of the Army, gave the Navy better technology and training, as well as create the Domestic Forces. That is why they were years ahead of the militaries of the Water Tribes and the Earth Kingdom when they attacked them and started the Hundred Year War. During Sozin's era, their most notable operation was the Air Nomad Genocide. It became a very important event throughout history in the world. During the middle part of the War, the military scored many victories at locations like Garsai, Taku, and the Hu Xin Provinces. In the final years of the war, the military occupied the "impenetrable" city of Ba Sing Se following Azula's coup. They became the first to have an Air Force as well, though it was destroyed during the Battle at Wulong Forest.

After the end of the War, the armed forces fought against the Military of the Earth Kingdom in the Harmony Restoration Movement, in an attempt to save the colony of Yu Dao from the Earth King's troops. By 234 AG, during the Great War, the Fire Nation attempted to take over the world for a second time, instigated by one of Zuko's ancestors, Fire Lord Susumo Kodai. The military took over the United Republic of Nations with little resistance from the United Forces. They engaged the Earth Kingdom military to find more resistance, as the Earth Kingdom was a centralized empire at the time lead by the 54th Earth King.


The Army was the ground service branch of the Armed Forces. It boasted hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of troops, and had a large arsenal of various weapons and vehicles.

Domestic Forces

The Domestic Army was the national guard of the Fire Nation. Composed mainly of retired military personnel, they boasted experienced and elite personnel. The Domestic Forces were also used for training new Army and Navy personnel.


The Navy was the maritime service branch, controlling thousands of vessels, as well as several airships and biplanes for naval aviation. The Navy was the second largest branch after the Army.

Air Force

The Air Force was the air service arm and the newest branch. Boasting hundreds of airships, hot air balloons, and fighters, the Air Force provided air support for the other three branches. The Air Force was stubborn, and did it's best to not allow airships and fighters to be given to naval aviation.

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