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Fire Nation map

The Fire Nation is the main hub for Book 1 of The Lost Air Temple. It is based on 1300 A.D. Italy. The country is currently ruled by the Fire Sages. It is a fair world power at the current time.

Physical Description

The Fire Nation is a large group of islands west of the Earth Kingdom. Due to the fact there are many islands, this makes for a plethora of different climates, flora, and terrain. Though the true focal point in the series, in the Fire Nation, is the capital. The capital is built inside an inactive volcano. Because of this, it is a safe from invaders and weather hazards. The capital has the Fire Sages temple which is joined with the capitol palace through a large under ground tunnel system called the dragon bone catacombs. The city itself is also a large place as well. The rich, fertile farm land barely outside of the base makes great farm land for the people.

Flora and Fauna

The Fire Nation hosts a wide variety of plants and animals due to its various lanscapes and climates. There are many animals in the Fire Nation, but most predominate are the dragons. The dragons are strong, industrial creatures who are very intelligent. They are also very loyal creatures when it comes to their master. There are two types of popular, bred dragons such as Fire Dragons and the rare Iron Tails, but the list is endless of all the colors and kinds of wild dragons there are.

Hippo cow
The main food source is the Hippo-cow a very large creature. It's milk is very creamy and its meat can last a family many days. It's a easy creature being extremely lazy and eats whatever you put in front of it. Other meat sources are the two types of chicken, Komodo-chicken and Possum-chicken. Both chickens have their own distinct flavor, so it's easy to tell them a part. Despite this people sometimes still mix them up on account of their names.

Flora in the Fire Nation comes also is very various types. The Fire Nations plants rank among the most beautiful. The most beautiful being the Fire Lily. Having such a sweet aroma, the Fire Lily is arguably the most beautiful flower in the world.

The farms in the Fire Nation are quite prosperous because of the porous soil from volcanos. The farmers grow a variety of crops such as rice and wheat. The latter being the main ingredient to fire flakes.

Political System

Formerly, the Fire Nation is ruled by a small number of sages called the high-sages. They all have equal voting power except for the head-sage he has say over the final decision. There are no elections and sages become a high-sage when they are enlightened. The minor parts of government are controlled by non-sage officials appointed by the Fire Sages.

After a brief political uprising, Fire Lord Pytharus came peacefully to power.

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