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This page covers the Fire Nation of Elements: Saga of the Avatar


The Fire Nation, after Zuko became Firelord, became the world's leading engineering country, and a charitable land for the restoration of the world.


PRE 1000 AG In ancient times, the first Fire Lord was decided by an Agni Kai between the tribal chiefs of all the Fire Tribes.

c. 100 BG - 100 AG When Fire Lord Sozin was the leader of the nation, he started a war by wiping out the Air Nomads using the power of the Great Comet, renamed after him as Sozin's Comet, and challenging the world to a battle of the elements. His son Azulon came to the throne, and continued the war efforts, sending the world into unbalance, while no Air Nomad Avatar emerged. In a coup that is still unclear, Azulon's younger son - Ozai - came to the throne, just as Sozin's Comet returned. He might have been even more ruthless than his grandfather, attempting to destroy the Earth Kingdom. However, with the Avatar returning as well, he was thwarted, and jailed. A few days later, Ozai was assassinated.

100 AG to 256 AG The Fire Lord and Lady from 100 AG to 184 AG were Zuko and Mai. They ruled fairly, restoring the balance of the world. They helped with the creation of the Air Confederation, and Centralium. In 184, Zuko's oldest son, Rozon came to the throne, having to deal with an uprising of an evil rebellion group, the Shadowbenders.

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