Fire Nation; After the War
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WaterGeneral Deandre


Avatar: The Last Airbender


Four days after the Hundred Year War is over, Firelord Zuko and Avatar Aang start to redeem the Fire Nation by trying to bring back balance to the earth. While taking out all of the troops from fighting in Ba Sing Se and the rest of the Earth Kingdom villages, a surprise comes. A war with Earth Kingdom begins to see who will win rule over Ba Sing Se. Earth, or Fire. Along with that, the Water Nation and Earth Kingdom fight on Fire Nation for them to feel the pain of having to go through a long hard war. This is all happening while the Air Nomads are just coming back to the Earth again. Read this all in the "Fire Nation; After the War".


Ozai, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Zuko, Toph, Iroh, Earth King, and so much more!


  • Chapter 1: After The Sozin's Comet
  • Chapter 2: The Search for Zuko's Mother Part 1
  • Chapter 3: The Search for Zuko's Mother Part 2
  • Chapter 4: Mai Becomes Fire Nation Queen
  • Chapter 5: Ba Sing Se Part 1: Earth Kingdom strikes the capital
  • Chapter 6: Ba Sing Se Part 2: Fire Nation leaves Ba Sing Se
  • Chapter 7: Ba Sing Se Part 3: Earth Kingdom tries to destroy Fire Nation and take it to the ground
  • Chapter 8: Ba Sing Se Part 4: Ba Sing Se is in Earth Kingdom's Hands
  • Chapter 9: Northern Water Tribe relief
  • Chapter 10: Southern Water Tribe relief
  • Chapter 11: Water Tribes attack
  • Chapter 12: Northern Air Temple Part 1: Life!
  • Chapter 13: Northern Air Temple Part 2: Recovering Scrolls
  • Chapter 14: Northern Air Temple Part 3: Ozai Breaks Out of Jail
  • Chapter 15: Northern Air Temple Part 4: Ozai falls
  • Chapter 16: Conspiracy of Republic City
  • Chapter 17: Republic City Announced
  • Chapter 18: Earth Kingdom fights Fire Nation For Once and All Part 1: The Colonies
  • Chapter 19: Earth Kingdom fights Fire Nation For Once and All Part 2: Colonies = Republic City
  • Chapter 20: Starting Republic City
  • Chapter 21: Avatar Roku's Grave
  • Chapter 22: Teaching Metal Bending
  • Chapter 23: Iroh Dies Part 1: The Death
  • Chapter 24: Iroh Dies Part 2: Remembering
  • Chapter 25: Opening Republic City Part 1: Preparations
  • Chapter 26: Opening Republic City Part 2: Enthusiasts
  • Chapter 27: Opening Republic City Part 3: Enthusiasts
  • Chapter 28: Opening Republic City Part 4: Balance Brought back to the World

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