By Carloso Part of the Rise of an Avatar continuity.
Fire Lord Zuang
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The Prince


Fire Lord Zuang was born to Fire Lord Zin and Fire Lady Ula in 958BG. He quickly became a fearsome Firebender and expert strategist. He was close to his father, who would test his limits regularly and as a result Zuang's skills grew quickly.

Zuang fought in the Peasant Rebellions of 936BG and quickly crushed all opposition earning him the nickname 'The Crimson Dragon' for his tactics on the battlefield. Zuang became a fearsome opponent who was well respected by all other world leaders at the time.

In 932BG his wife, Fire Lady Zalia, gave birth to his son Prince Zukai. Zuang took a great interest in his son and would spend all possible time with him. However due to political pressure Zuang was forced to enlist Xu Ki as a mentor for him.

Zuang also discovered his son was not the Avatar but a Fire Nation peasant named Shinn was instead. Not wanting to embarrass his nation and possibly for other more secret reasons Zuang ordered Xu Ki to kill Shinn.

In 918 BG Zuang discovered that Shinn was still alive and dispatched Xu again to kill him, wanting to make sure that Shinn was removed once and for all.



Zuang was an expert Firebender and despite his age is still a fearsome opponent. His skills are above all and is not afraid to show them. He was renowned by all Firebenders for discovering Lightning during the rebellions in 936BG.

Fire Fan

Zuang has a unique weapon known as the Fire Fan. He used it to strengthen his Firebending effectively creating an elemental weapon. It could increase a Firebender's power immensely and was regarded as one of the most powerful weapons in the world.


Zuang was a proud man who will never admit defeat. He would help anyone he likes but would never accept help. He was very honourable and would never kill without good reason. He valued family and always kept his son, Zukai, close. He was not afraid to fight and would always be willing to go to the front lines.

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