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Fire Lord Yeh Lu
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Fire Nation, Rong Yan, Sifu Takumi, Fire Sage Li, Fire Sage Xiao, Monk Yong Ten, Avatar Ku Tei


General Senlin

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Book 1: Air Chapter 1: New Beginnings

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Book 3: Earth Chapter 5: Thirty Year War (Younger self)

Fire Lord Yeh Lu is the current Fire Lord as of right now in Rong Yan's lifetime, and he doesn't die until after Yangchen is born. Yeh Lu is minor character in my fanon, Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. He is described as fat man, with spontaneous personality, and bushy dark brown beard.


Yeh Lu is the current Fire Lord, during Avatar Rong Yan life time. He was known to be the crowned prince of the Fire Nation when he and Ku Tei were young and was permitted to travel the world with the Avatar by his father. He was also known as Ku Tei's firebending teacher.

Thirty Year War

During the Thirty Year War, Yeh Lu, promised to lend aid to the eastern Earth Kingdom after, the western Earth Kingdom had seceded from the war. Because, of their own political turmoil with themselves and the forever arrogant old king Gao Zu.

The western and eastern Earth Kingdom although hadn't declared war on each other, allowing each other to remain in peace for some time. Yeh Lu, had traveled with Ku Tei has he mastered the four elements with permission by his father to join the Avatar. In the end he aided Ku Tei along the years but placed no military support to the war or the Water Tribes would declare war on the Fire Nation.

Meeting the New Avatar

Sifu Takumi and the Fire Sages, decided to take Rong Yan, on over to the royal palace to meet the Fire Lord, and to discuss his beginning progress as Avatar. From time to time, the various nation leaders send scrolls and/or reports on the Avatar's progress as he masters the four elements, keeping everyone even the Fire Sages up to date on what the Avatar is doing and/or planning to do.

Later Life

Later in life, Yeh Lu outlives Avatar Rong Yan, and dies when Yangchen turns sixteen. Being later succeeded by his grandson who's name is unknown and who has not been introduced in Avatar the Legacy of Rong Yan as of yet. Yeh Lu dies at the age of 168, peacefully in his sleep and of natural causes. Death of Yeh Lu, had hit the Fire Nation hard, as the new Fire Lord didn't tighten the ropes quickly.

Crime rates rose, taxes rose, and unemployment rates surfaced to a new record, it was truly a tragedy in the Fire Nation. It was later given that the old adviser of Yeh Lu, was willingly ready to come out retirement to show Yeh Lu's grandson the ropes. As the new Fire Lord, took position as the new leader everything began to return to normal.


Yeh Lu, was born a firebender like most Fire Lords of Zuko's family dynasty, most of the Fire Lords were firebenders. Yeh Lu was of course a master of firebending and one of the most powerful firebenders in the world. Although, he kept those titles under his belt and stayed on the throne as the well respected Fire Nation leader in history to remain in the books. Others scoff at the idea that Yeh Lu was the best leader, as to say the very first Fire Lord was the best Fire Lord in history.



Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan

Book One: Air

Book Three: Earth


  • Fire Lord Yeh-Lu, is named after one of the Rough Rhinos from the ATLA series.

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