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Fire Lord Shinzo is a character in the fanon The Black Shadow and The War of Creation by SSJ Trunks

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Fire Nation


10,000 years ago


10,000 years ago

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Fire ,Sword and spear of Shinzo

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Fire Lord


Fire Nstion

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SSJ Trunks

Early Life

Shinzo was born with his twin brother Shinzu as the first Firebender mastered Firebending and at the moment was the birth of the four nations. They were born to the first Fire Lord and Fire Lady but unbeknownst to everyone, two very different spirits inhabited the twins.

The Black Shadow and The Avatar

As his 16th birthday a volcano erupted on the holiday island the brothers were partying on, they tried to use Firebending to contain it but the lava engulfed their house taking their mother with it as their father battled to get survivors away. Enraged Shinzu entered the Avatar State bending all the elements much to Shinzo's shock. His brother shouted "I am the Avatar" as the spirt declared its unique existence. As Shinzo watched he felt a sharp pain go down his spine as two wings forced their way out of his back, his skin turned jet black as he roared "I am the black shadow!". The brothers afterwards returned to the Fire Nation where they counseled by the newly formed Fire Sages. After several chi readings the sages determined that by the creation of the four nations divided by the elements the spirits of good and evil were sent to keep the balance. Shinzo was enraged at the news as this meant he was half demon and could not accept his fate and vanished that night, his brother however was delighted as this meant he would be able to explore the other bending arts.

The War of Creation

10 years after that fateful day a dark army attacked the Water Tribe and some Waterbenders had to escape to the south. The Now fully realized Avatar Shinzu came to the battle the dark foe and was struck that it was his brother and attacked Shinzo intent on fulfilling his destiny but the brothers were evenly matched neither able to gain an advantage. As there battle continued it ripped the artic apart destroying half of the continent but in a last ditch effort Shinzu smashed his fist embodied with all four bending arts into Shinzo ripping his life force apart as his brother staggered onto the floor he swore "One Day I shall regain my body and with it I will rip this world apart!" as his body imploded.


Shinzo then resided in hell as the 'Demon King' any evil doer would do anything for this rule but Shinzo was too occupied searching for a host. He found one in the young warrior Lian Xing who wanted to revenge for his parent's murder. Shinzo visited the young man in his mind making a pact to give him the strength to avenge his parents but instead gave him none such power but used him to activate the Puroteuka under the Fire Temple.


After the temple's destruction Shinzo inhabited the body of Waku feeding of his life energy but was given a massive boost by a dark orb. After feeding of the energy of Waku for a while he was fully resurrected and now free, can continue his world conquest. This was cut short however as Waku regained his demon powers and after he teamed up with Aang he managed to kill Shinzo. However the Fire Lord may have cheated death yet again. He had taken control of Zhao's body and after receiving an extreme about of energy Shinzo revealed his new form dubbed 'Neo Shinzo' and used his new powers to kill Iroh and conquer the Fire Nation. He now rules the Fire Nation with an Iron fist with his Neo Zaibatsu Army. However rebel factions such as The Liberators are currently wrestling for control.

Neo Shinzo

Neo Shinzo is Shinzo's new transformation first glimpsed in Book 2. He is shown to wield a different weapon to Shinzo known only as death's scythe. He is significantly stronger to Shinzo's previous transformations and seems to have no way back to his human form. His personality is the same as before but he has shown 1 great difference. When he Invaded the Fire Nation when he killed Iroh he said, "Meiyo Dai", which means 'Die Honorably'. This may be because Shinzo has developed a sense of honor for those who die in battle however its possible its because of the time Iroh trained Waku he might have developed a sense of respect for the old master, As he requested a proper burial. Shinzo later brings his 'son' Krios to join the fight as he regards his fighting skills greatly and he will be essential in his new army. He also has a super form that allows him to grow to monstrous proportions and have amazing strength to go with it. It's no different that his normal form except considerably larger.


As well as the abilities of the True Black Shadow which are incredibly stronger Shinzo's transformation gives him a few new ones:

Life Drain: Neo can now drain people's life energy to replenish his own and heal his wounds.

Hell's Fist: Shinzo can now raise Hell's demons to fight for him.

Half Demon Form

Flight- Twin wings that can fly 600mph!

Third Eye- Third eye enhancing vision and allows Combustion.

Black Flames-The Shadow's flames

Full Demon Form

All powers of Half Demon- The shadow has all previous powers but are upgraded to deal even more damage and allow it to travel 1000mph!

Regeneration- The shadow can regenerate any part of its body as long as a part of it survives.

Avatar Tracker- Spiritually Aang and the shadow are brothers and the shadow can track his presence over the world.

Soul Converter- The Spirit can turn any person's soul corrupt making them the shadow's slave for eternity.

The Neo Zaibatsu

The Neo Zaibatsu are Shinzo's main fighting force. They are the soldiers who refused to become allied with Zuko and instead traveled to the North Pole to aid their new master. He blessed them with physical perfection and stronger armor similar to Zuko's Mark II Design. He also gave them lightning blasters after he saw a copy of the plans at the North Pole (Zuko having to give a copy of all new weapons to each nation). They are elite and ruthless having shown no mercy when gunning down the tribesmen of the North. They also have unyielding loyalty to Shinzo, this is most shown when a trooper kills his former leader Zhao after his usefulness ended. They later aided their master once again by helping him conquer the Fire Nation despite the heroic defense by General Iroh. They are seen with unique weapons and armor as Shinzo has managed to design a Lightning Railgun which is similar.

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