Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Fire Lord Shen in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Fire Lord Shen
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Mao Grou

Fire Lord Shen is a fanfic series involving the eponymous Kung Fu Panda 2 character in the Avatar universe. It is part of a much wider series, known as Mao Grou, that focuses on the Kung Fu Panda franchise.


Upon his death, Lord Shen awakens to find a world much like his own, only with humans instead of anthropomorphic creatures. Seeing himself in the awake of capitalism in the Avatarverse, Shen decides to take over the Fire Nation, and introduce the glory of a new system: communism.

But Shen's plans see themselves in a halt when he finds himself attracted to another male organism...


  • Lord Shen is the eponymous villain protagonist/Anti-Hero/Anti-Villain/whatever. His transition to a new world went smoothly, and now he sees the opportunity to redeem himself by conquering it. Much to his chagrins, his connection to Red mana made him fall in love very easily.
  • Zuko's Daughter is the current leader of the Fire Nation. She sees herself between feather daggers and the palace's walls; Shen desires to take what is hers by divine right, and to turn her nation upside down to fit his goals. She will have none of it, which sends her into a moral dilemma; either she remains peace as her father, or she will become the monster Ozai was.
  • Zuko is the retired Fire Lord. Walking across the world to spread peace and love, he finds himself falling for the white feathered peacock. This causes much angst as he is in love with the person who might kill his daughter!
  • Amon is the leader of the Equalists, a group of violent reactionaries set to make the world a better place...without bending. However, he sees himself falling in love with Shen, which causes much inner turmoils as he has to compete with Zuko and still fight against Avatar Korra.
  • Korra is the new Avatar, arising from Aang's ashes. She is forced to defend the world against the Equalists, setting her to clash against Shen.
  • Oogway is an evil spirit tortoise who plotted this whole disaster, with the hopes of murdering the Avatar because there are two bending arts mssing: Metalbending (those lousy earthbenders like Toph don't count!) and Woodbending. He is also a capitalist and wants to turn the Avatarverse into a social darwinistic scenario where only the strong survive. He also loves to murder children.


  • The Book of Metal
  • The Book of Wood
  • The Book of Hot Topic
  • The Book of Equality
  • The Book of Satan
  • The Book of Truth
  • The Book of Glee

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