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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

Fire Lord Osamu
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Fire Nation


53 (Death: 97)

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Dark Brown

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Fire Nation, Avatar Kwan Chun, Aki


39th Earth King Yao

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Fire Lord


Fire Lord


Fire Nation

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Book 1: Water Chapter 18: The Smell of War

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Book 1: Water Chapter 18: The Smell of War

Osamu is the Fire Lord during Avatar Kwan Chun's lifetime. He is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan, and a major character in Avatar: The Smell of War.


Fire Lord Osamu, was born to Fire Lord Kaolan many years ago. Raised by a single father due to mother's death during the birth. Kaolan had spoiled his only son and heir to the throne Osamu.

When Osamu, was at the ripe of age of four, Kaolan had trained his son in firebending. Only soon mastering the element once the boy had turned eighteen years old.

When Kaolan, was 62, he had given the reigns of the nation to his son Osamu, who was only 37. At the age of 37 Osamu, rose to power as the Fire Lord. The Avatar had come and stayed for three years. After his father Kaolan had died, rumor had it that Osamu was going to be overthrown and assassinated.

The Avatar had of course stopped this plan from actually happening. Osamu's reign had no wars whatsoever, though he did send troops to protect the Air Nomad temples. Kwan Chun, had requested troops to defend the temples from the Earth Kingdom army.

Even though Earth King Yao, had known of the Fire Lord's reinforcements arriving to assist the Air Nomads, the Earth King had no qualms of declaring war with the Fire Nation.

Later Life

In his later years, Osamu had died at the age of 97, where his son had risen to power only to have died three years later of pneumonia.


Osamu, was born a firebender and was trained in firebending at four years old. Mastering the element with the help of his father Kaolan, at the age of 18.



Avatar: The Smell of War

Book Three: Fire

Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan

Book One: Air


  • Osamu is "discipline" in Japanese.

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