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Fire Lord Azulon was born as Prince Azulon the son of Fire Lord Sozin and Fire Lady Hira as the Crown Prince of the Fire Nation. Later in life he was the husband to Fire Lady Ilah, the father of Iroh and Ozai, and the grandfather of Zuko, Azula, and Lu Ten.

Early Life

Azulon was born to Fire Lord Sozin and his wife during the arrival of Sozin's Comet during 0 AG and was later proclaimed a firebending prodigy.

Because of the war that his father started the customs to the royal house changed dramatically and Azulon was expected to help the Fire Nation in the war so from early years he was trained in firebending and sent off to be a general at the young age of 12.

At 13 years old he was leading his army in metal and iron advancement by the making of tanks and early battle machines called battlements.

At 14 the Crown Prince was sent to the powerful Hu Xin provinces were the great city of Garsai was waiting he in response set up a factory so he would not need to rely on his father to support him in machines.

Finally at age 16 he had conquered Garsai but was still a disappointment to his own father.

At the same age he attacked the city of Taku and lost terribly his forces retreated to Garsai for technological warfare and later at age 17 his father arrived to take over Azulon's fleet yet it seemed as if his father had made a mistake in his planning so Azulon saved the nation and conquered Taku and the Hu Xin provinces though disobeying his father's wishes.

Despite his victory in the province his father was angered over General Azulon's disrespect.

When he was 18 years old he left the Royal Palace after his mother's death and lived in a palace in the city of Taku where he met a young woman named Ilah whom he married in the following year.

At 19 years old he wanted his father's respect and went to go kill a dragon while he left his father and Ilah in his home of Taku. Azulon spent six months in the wilderness and found a dragon who he was fighting until age 20.

When he returned to Taku his bending and combat of all kind had heightened but his father had died and Ilah had pretended to not know of Sozin's final words which still remained unknown.

Reign As Fire Lord(20 AG- 95 AG)

Upon his return to the Royal Palace Azulon and Ilah were proclaimed Fire Lord and Fire Lady and Azulon continued the war from there. The Fire Lord then began a campaign in the South-West Earth Kingdom to cut off Earth Kingdom supplies it was around then that that the colonies power began to flourish for the better in the areas around Yu Dao.

In 35 AG Azulon had his first born son who he named in Ilah's honor Iroh. He began to train and treat Iroh nicely in order for him not to turn into his father he also did not shape him for military life not having plans for him to become a famous General like him.

When he was 40 the Fire Lord formed the Southern Raiders to control area in the Southern parts of the world.

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