Transcript of Fanon:Fire Lord's Plot (The Legend of James)

Bloom Earth. Fire. Air. Water. Three hundred years ago, Avatar Korra saved the world from Amon and his non-bender rebellion. The World waited for a new Avatar in the Earth Kingdom three hundred years, but that Avatar never appeared. People started thinking that Avatar's mission was over, until my twin brother James was told he was the Avatar, and he had to protect the World.

The episode opens to the cargo ship where James and Squizzer are hiding.
James [He looks down at Squizzer.] We're finally going to the Earth Kingdom!.
Squizzer [Makes a squealing sound.]
James Sometimes I wish you could talk pal. I'm starting to feel lonely
Squizzer [Looks at him sadly.]
James [Hugs Squizzer tightly.] Don't look at me that way, little guy! You know you're already my best friend
The scene changes back to the Southern Water Tribe, where Bloom is trying to keep herself warm inside a cave.
Bloom [Talks to herself.] James? The Avatar? He's plain weak! He has no aggressiveness in his Waterbending!!! I should've been the Avatar! I'm the best in my Tribe!! James is at least the wha-
Her mouth is covered by a gloved hand.
Earth Kingdom Pirate Don't you dare to talk pretty girl, understood?
Bloom tries to fight back but as she sees it's impossible she simply nods.
Earth Kingdom Pirate Good girl, if you behave that way you'll be safe and sound.
The Pirate takes her to her ship, where she is tied up to a chair.
Earth Kingdom Pirate So [He paces in front of her.] I've heard you're the Avatar's sister?
Bloom I swear I got no clue where James is. I ran away from home and-
Earth Kingdom Pirate Why would you run away pretty girl?
Bloom None of -.
Earth Kingdom Pirate Huh? [He looks down at her confused.]
Bloom None of your business
Earth Kingdom Pirate Not only beautiful and the Avatar's sister but also very clever. [He crosses his arms over his chest.] You're right, my business is another thing. Maybe you could guess.
Bloom Get you to James, I suppose
Earth Kingdom Pirate You can't grant us that, can you?
Bloom [She shakes her head.] I would, but James could be anywhere by now.
Earth Kingdom Pirate Yet we still gotta make a good use of what we got. So we will take you directly to the Fire Lord. You won't die that soon, don't worry, but he will make sure your brother hears he has you as a prisoner. I'm sure your little good brother would do anything to save you.
Bloom looks down, holding her tears back.
Earth Kingdom Pirate Good girl. You'll soon be taken to your cage.
Turns around and leaves.
The scene changes to Fire Lord Kuzo's Throne Room
Kuzo [Grabs a map of the Four Nations and spills red paint all over it.] Soon it won't be only a dream. Soon it will be real. Soon what Sozin and Ozai have always wanted will come true. We will conquer and destroy. But I won't need real allies. Or to rely my trust on a Comet. This time, I will personally make sure there aren't any failures. No Avatar was born this time, no one will be able to stop me anymore. One by one, all the other three nations will fall down. But I ought to make sure we keep the world clean of other benders before. They are the real problem here. What is the Avatar, but a Bender multiplied for four?
The scene dramatically changes to Republic City's Port, while James' cargo ship is close to arriving at the dock
James He looks up at Avatar Aang's statue. Avatar Aang. [He smiles.] Do you remember when mother Kannia told us his stories, bud?
Squizzer chirps.
James [He laughs.] You're amazing little guy.
The ship docks in the port and James and Squizzer jump off it. As they're walking around the City, they're stopped by two Metalbender cops
Metalbender cop #1 Stay right there! [He tangles a metal cable around James' body.]
Metalbender cop #2 Yeah, don't move! [He tangles a second, unnecessary metal cable around the young man's body.]
Metalbender cop #1 Why did you do that? [He elbows the other officer.]
Metalbender cop #2 I just want to be like you!
James [Rolls his eyes.] Why are you two even capturing me?
Metalbender cop #1 We all know your crimes
Metalbender cop #2 Yes we do!
James Crimes? What are you two even talking about?
Metalbender cop #1 [Shows James a wanted poster of a young man who looked exactly like him but who had thick black hair.] Is this explanatory enough?
James That's not even me!
Metalbender cop #2 I think he is right, he has blonde hair and the one in the picture has black hair.
Metalbender cop #1 [Looks sternly at his partner.] I already explained you that nowadays there are chemicals to change hair color.
Metalbender cop #2 [Puts a finger on his lips.] Ohhh trueeee. Does that mean I can change it to grey? So I show I am a Metalbender officer.
Metalbender cop #1 But you got an unif-Yes, you can dye it grey. Now help me take this criminal to prison.
The metalbender officers hold both James and Squizzer and drag them away.
Fades to credits.



"The New Avatar"

"Fire Lord's Plot (The Legend of James)/Transcript"


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