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Fire Lord's Plot
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Avatar: The Legend of James


Book 1: Earth



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James, the new Avatar, travels to

James and Squizzer on their way to Republic City

Republic City to find an Earthbending Teacher. Meanwhile, Bloom tries to survive alone in the Southern Water Tribe after running away from home, where is captured by a Pirate Earth Kingdom Ship. In the Fire Nation Capital. The Fire Lord Kuzo plans a new plot to make a giant Fire Nation, destroying the rest of them.


James sits down inside the cargo ship with Squizzer, his otter penguin, travelling to Republic City to find an Earthbending teacher. The ship docked in the bay and they jumped away from the
Aang's statue

Aang's statue as seen from the Ship

ship. James looked up at Avatar Aang's statue. He knew Aang's story because Kannia told it to them when they were younger. James walks around amused and is suddenly stopped by the Republic City Police. They thought he was a dangerous waterbender murderer, who looked exactly like him, only that the murderer had black hair. James tried to escape, but he failed. In the Southern Water Tribe, Bloom tried to survive the hostile weather and the lack of food, when she was captured by some Earth Kingdom Pirates.
War Room Palace

Kuzo's Throne Room

Meanwhile, in the Fire Nation, the new Fire Lord Kuzo was planning a new plot to destroy all the nations and create a huge Fire Nation, exterminating the non-benders and the benders except for the firebenders.


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