Thunderstorm By The Snowbold Part of the Storms of the Future Cycle, and Dreams of Melasa continuity.

The Fire Lily is a Lesser Ish Kash created by the Nifrin for the war between humans and Spirits. It had the power of Fire and was the strongest and most durable of the Ish Kash.


The Fire Lily was created by the Nifrin witches to aid humans in the war against the Spirits. It was given to a renowned warrior, however, his home was burned down and he was slaughtered. His daughter, Mira, took the weapon and even managed to wound the Spirit who had slain her father, but she was saved by Akira. Trained by the one-armed "Snake", she was its first true wielder and was notorious for trying to fight alone in order to prove her worth as the only woman of the first generation of Ish Kash users.


248Tendrils coil

Keimusho in action.

The Fire Lily was the strongest and most durable of the Ish Kash to be made. It was also the largest and required a reinforced blade as it was incredibly heavy. The weapon could endure any battle and had the power to manipulate fire. It could absorb, and project fire after a target.
  • Keimusho- The Prison was the Fire Lily's ability to trap an enemy in spiraling flames.
  • Hononoken- The Sword of Flames is the Fire Lily's augmenting attack. The sharp tip of the blade burns with fire making the cut more devastating.

Deed Names

  • The Wolf's Bane- Not only did this blade fight many wolf spirits, it beheaded the Wolf Lord, Rozu, himself.
  • Flame Bringer- Its firepower was renowned by the Nifrin and Ish Kash warriors.
  • Lone Sword- Its first user was infamous for trying to fight alone to prove her worth.
  • Courage Maker- Those who wanted to make a statement about being courageous would attempt to wield this sword.
  • Great Slayer- The Fire Lily was often used against large spirits that could brush off the damage of smaller Ish Kash.
  • Inamorata- The owner of the Fire Lily was known to be in a romantic relationship with the owner of the Raven Rose. Combined with it falling in the hands of a woman, it became the Inamorata.
  • Blade of a Thousand Trees- This Ish Kash purportedly needed a thousand trees to fuel the fire that made it.


  • The Fire Lily is based on Kashagiri from 11eyes.
  • The Fire Lily is the strongest sword in way of material, it is considered unbreakable.
  • The Fire Lily is as tall as some people.

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