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The Yangchen Festival

12 BG - Fire Nation

Two Fire Nation citizens come running at each other with swords. The first man pulls out two swords from his back and the second man pulls out one sword from his side. While charging at each other, they decide to clash in the center of the field.

Attack and Counterattack. Those were the lessons I was taught, the first man thought.

The first man leaped over the second man and tried to attack with one sword first, then the next. Unfortunately, the second man blocked the two swords with only one sword. Surprised that the second man blocked his attacks, the first man thought of a plan and ran off. The second man then chased the first man around the forest. The forest was an unsafe environment. While chasing, the second man started cutting vines from the trees. After ten minutes of searching, the second man was on the brink of giving up finding him. All of a sudden, a man from above the trees, dropped down from the ground wanting to disarm the opponent. The first man got a hold of the sword, disarmed it from the second man and pointed the second sword at the opponent.

"You're done. Surrender now," the first man said with a firm voice.

"Not yet," the second man replied. The second man then kicked one of the swords out of the first man's hand out of surprise and then caught the sword in the air. They both looked at each other with stern faces. They both charged at each other and continued their sword fight. One move after another, the blade came one inch away from making the final blow. The first man with quick feet and keen strategy found a way to disarm his opponent again, disarmed him and pointed the sword at him forcing him to surrender.

"Surrender, NOW!"

The second man grinned and was very happy of the results.

"Good work Chan," the second man said. "You've improved from the last month. I guess our training paid off, no?"

The first man, or Chan backed off and lowered his sword. "I guess Uncle Ikem. You've been a great swordsman teacher to me. You've taught me the nature of discipline. It's great to have you." Ikem then grinned and they both left the area.

Chan had short black hair. Ikem always told Chan that he looked like his father. Chan was relatively an average size guy, for being sixteen anyways. Chan has sort of an attitude but is also intelligent in strategy. Ikem says he could be a good general someday for the Fire Nation. At the moment, Chan's interest is becoming a master like his uncle.

His uncle, Ikem was similarly like Chan, except very much older. Ikem is known for being a master swords master.

"Chan," Ikem said while walking towards the house. "I may be your only family member, but that doesn't affect how you perform. You may want to impress me, but you've been impressing me ever since you came to my house. Your energy, your drive comes from the sun, and also your heart. Your heart is fueled by fire in no ways that I can imagine, especially for a young man like you. Keep that fire fueled in your heart, no matter what happens. It will give you warmth and guidance for your future,"

"Do you really mean that Uncle?" Chan questioned.

"Yes, from the bottom of my heart," Ikem replied.

They both smiled and walked along the path to get back to their home. It was a scorching hot summer day in the Fire Nation. By the time they got home from the long walk, the sun was setting down. Clearing off the trees that blocked the view from their house, they realized in an instant that something was wrong. Right in front of them, their house was engulfed into flames. Both Chan and Ikem looked at each other with desperate expressions, dropped their belongings and ran towards their house.

When they reached their house, the whole inside of the house was engulfed. The crackling sound of the wood being burned was horror in Chan's eyes. Shocked by the fire, Chan had a direct stare, knowing that this reminded him of his past. While staring, a voice was screaming.

"Chan!" screamed Ikem.

When Chan turned to see Ikem, Ikem was getting taken away by two other people, wearing black hoods to cover up their face.

"Uncle Ikem!" Chan screamed. "NO!"

In an instant, Chan jolted towards the two men as fast as he could. While running, Chan pulled out his two swords from his back and continued to charge right at the two men. The two masked men decided to drop Ikem on the group tied up and fight the oncoming opponent. The first masked man was the first to charge at Chan at lightning speed carrying a narrow sword. Realizing this, Chan pulled out his two swords from his back and went under the first man's legs and swept him off the ground using his swords. After taking the first guy down, Chan charged at the second guy knowing that he will be closer to his Uncle. Approaching the second guy, Chan jumped up above the second guy to get the advantage with his swords, but when he was about to strike, the masked man firebended. To his amazement, Chan tried his best to get away from the fire, using his swords to take the blast for him. In the end, Chan ended up a few feet laying on the ground.

A firebender. Chan thought.

"Lee, come on!" the second masked man yelled. "We have to go, NOW!"

"Thanks. You said my name in front of the opponent. Real nice!" Lee shouted back.

"Well if you wouldn't have been so battle driven, we could've gotten out of here already!"

"You know what Azir, be quiet and let me do my thing."

Chan couldn't hear the conversation due to the ringing of fire from the house. With determination, Chan's eyes sharpened and he charged at the second guy again, Azir, but before Chan could attack, the first guy, Lee, came out of nowhere and hit Chan with his sword. Chan fell back a bit and checked his lip.


Chan realized that his lip was bleeding, but that wouldn't stop him from trying to rescue Uncle. Chan decided once again to charge back at the guys. Knowing strategy placed on his mind, he dashed and evaded the fire blasts that were thrown at him. Once close enough, Chan went for the second opponent and used his training skills to give him the advantage. On one sword, Chan used the fire blast to heat up his sword. With the sword being hot, he burned the skin of the left shoulder of Azir. When Chan was about to finish him off, a huge knockout blow came from right in front of him. In the blink of an eye, Chan ended up a long distance away from his uncle. Knowing of what happened, Chan had no energy left to fight and ultimately fainted, watching his uncle getting captured.

When the fire simmered down, Chan opened his eyes and witnessed that the masked men, including his uncle, were all gone. Everything was gone. His family, his uncle, his own house were all gone. Chan went down on his knees and began to cry, knowing all hope was lost for his life.

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