By Waterkai and Vaznock Part of the Kyoshi Revolts continuity.
Fire Nation emblem Earth Kingdom emblem
Fire Flakes Merchant
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Fire Nation (former Earth Kingdom)


54 AG

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Hair color

White (formerly gray)

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All Aboard

The Fire Flakes Merchant, formerly the Cabbage Merchant, is an old, formerly Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation merchant who sells Fire Flakes to nobles.


After Ba Sing Se was conquered in a decisive launched by Princess Azula, the Fire Flakes (now Cabbage) Merchant decided to leave and take his travels somewhere else. He wasn't viewed as any sort of threat, so the outer wall guards let him pass. He then migrated to Omashu, which had just been liberated by King Bumi. He lived in Omashu for five years, though his home was once more taken over by Azula, this time in a nuclear massacre. The Fire Flakes Merchant somehow survived, and he quickly left the city in fright, traveling all over the Earth Kingdom, until he finally found himself access into the Fire Nation. He migrated into Mango City, where he was forced to give up cabbages and sell fire flakes.

The Fire Flakes Merchant would finally meet Team Rebel when he traveled to Ember Island to sell more fire flakes, where his "arch nemesis" followed him. The Fire Flakes Merchant's luck finally ran out, and his cart was both destroyed by Kaila and Princess Mitsuki, much to his dismay.

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