Fire, Song and a Snowstorm Chapter 9
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Elsi couldn't believe her ears.


Kaligah twirled the large snowflake in her hand.

"No way," Elsi said. "I have no interest in joining anyone who's been threatening people."

Kaligah smirked.

"You don't know anything about these three, do you?" she sneered, indicating Aira, Ket-Ket and Maya-Ar.

"Fine. What have you done?!"

Kaligah held up the snowflake.

"This, my dear, is the Frozen Heart. I designed it. It gives me the power to bend ice, and so much more. I can create warriors out of ice, as you have seen with my snow warriors. But that's not all, no. I can make powerful weapons of icebending, all I need to do is find the right person."

The realization hit Elsi like a firework.

"You turned these girls into ice?!"

Then she stepped back, hit with another realization.

She's going to do the same to us, Elsi thought. Me and Mihoshi and Leyka...she's going to turn us all into ice people!

Thinking quickly, Elsi sent a stream of fire at Kaligah, but she countered with a thick wall of ice. The fire melted the ice, but Kaligah remained undeterred.

"So she's who you 'saved' Leyka from," Mihoshi said to Aira. She then turned to Kaligah.

"You wanted to capture my sister?!"

Kaligah nodded.

"But now," she said, "I have three girls, not one. I was hoping you would follow." She turned to Maya-Ar. "You are coming with me."

Quickly, Elsi stepped in front of Maya-Ar and sent a fire blast at Kaligah, which she once again blocked with ice. Then, Kaligah raised the Frozen Heart and pointed it at Elsi. A stream of ice started to flow from it –

"No!" Aira screamed.

She stepped in front of Elsi. As the ice hit her, she stood headstrong and unharmed.

Kaligah stopped. She turned her artifact towards Mihoshi –

"Oh no you don't!" yelled Elsi.

She sent a fire blast at Kaligah's feet, knocking her to the ground. If Kaligah was dazed at all, she didn't show it, as she got up right away. She sent a stream of ice at the fire, weakened from the surrounding cold, extinguishing it.

"You are strong!" Kaligah gasped.

Then she smirked again. She raised the Frozen Heart and to their horror, Elsi and the others witnessed many snow warriors reanimate.

"Protect Maya-Ar!" Aira cried. She and Ket-Ket began bending shards of ice from the furniture at the snow warriors, breaking them up. Elsi melted many with her firebending.

"Grab them!" Kaligah screamed, directing her snow warriors to do so. As she continued to generate fire, Elsi's tired blasts grew weaker and weaker, and, horrified, she watched as a pack of snow warriors completely surrounded her, Aira and Ket-Ket, so that she couldn't see anyone else in the room.

In desperation, Elsi turned to Aira and Ket-Ket.

"Get down!" she said.

Then, Elsi took a deep breath in and spun, creating ribbons of fire that dissolved all the snow warriors surrounding them.

"Wow, Elsi!" said Ket-Ket in awe.

Elsi sighed and slumped. She had used up all of her strength.

Aira looked over at the others. "No!" she screamed.

Quickly, Elsi turned and saw a horrible sight. Two snow warriors had hold of Mihoshi and Leyka, and two more were dragging little Maya-Ar away, down the stairs, with Kaligah following. The black-haired woman laughed coldly.

"Aira, you have three days to make up your mind. If, by the third day, you have not offered to join me, the little girl dies."

And then she was gone, and gone too was Maya-Ar.

Without Kaligah there, the snow warriors disappeared, leaving only innocent snowflakes.

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