Fire, Song and a Snowstorm Chapter 5
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"Mihoshiiii! Elsiiii!"

Leyka still screamed and kicked at the surprisingly hard snow soldier. It was being bent so well that her kicks and flails did little to dislocate the snow, but she didn't stop trying.

Suddenly, the soldier stopped.

Before Leyka could try to escape, it started moving again, but it wasn't traveling the same path it had been. Leyka noticed that it been carrying her down a path marked by mean looking icicles jutting out of every tree and the ground. Now, it walked through a gap between icicle-covered trees and found a path that Leyka thought looked much friendlier.

The trees here were not so covered in ice that they looked blue; she could see the wood and leaves through the ice. The menacing icicles were gone. Instead, intricate, smooth swirls of ice were attached to the branches and leaves, like works of art. It wasn't as dark as it had been on the other path.

On top of that, the snowman's grip on Leyka was no longer harsh and restraining. It was carrying her carefully, like she was a baby.

She turned. Up ahead, she saw an incredible sight: a fortress made entirely of light blue ice.

As she was taken closer, she witnessed the main doors open and a girl, about Mihoshi's or Elsi's age, stepped out.

Leyka's mouth slowly fell open as she got nearer to the other girl, seeing her more clearly.

The girl's skin was light blue, and her long, straight hair was also blue, a shade darker than her skin. And her eyes were the same color as the glaring blue icicles she had seen earlier, yet they had an odd warmth to them that no icicle could bear.

Her garmet was strange, too. She wore a blue frock the color of her hair adorned with white ruffles and pearls. It covered her whole body, but Leyka didn't think it would protect her from the cold, even combined with the white gloves covering her arms.

The blue girl raised her hands and lowered them. The snowman, as if responding, gently put Leyka on the ground. The girl then spread her arms outward, and the snowman dissolved into snow.

"Who... are you?" Leyka asked.

Though the lifeless warriors forged of snow had been able to move about, Elsi and Mihoshi now stood still as icy statues, looking into the distance with wide eyes.

After a long silence, which may not have been long at all, Elsi finally spoke.

"We have to find her," she said.

Mihoshi turned and looked at Elsi with sad eyes.

"How?" she replied, her voice soft with emotion. "We couldn't stop those... things... when they took her."

The sound of crunching footprints approached.

Elsi spun towards the noise. "Who's there?!" she demanded, igniting two flames within her hands.

A voice sounded in the distance.


Elsi lowered her hands.

"Come closer so I can see you."

A girl, younger than Mihoshi or Elsi but notably older than Leyka, stepped into the clearing. Mihoshi put her hand up to her mouth to keep from gasping, and Elsi flinched. The girl had icy blue skin, hair and eyes. She wore a heavy blue coat adorned with white fur, two leather gloves, and a blue hat atop her hair, which was in two long braids.

She giggled.

"This is not how I really am."

"What's your name?" Mihoshi asked.

"I'm Ket-Ket," the girl answered. "I used to live in the Northern Water tribe until..."

"Until?" Elsi inquired, extinguishing her bending.

Ket-Ket smirked.

"I don't think you would believe me if I told you."

"But you can help us find my sister?" Mihoshi asked.

"Yep!" Ket-Ket said cheerfully. "I think I know where she is now. Follow me!"

Ket-Ket started to walk back the way she had come.

Elsi glanced at Mihoshi.

"Do we trust her?"

"She's just a girl. I think we can believe what she says."

And firebender and earthbender followed the steps of the ice girl.

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