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It was a completely different world.

The snow that Mihoshi, Elsi and Leyka now stepped on wasn't powdery in any way. It was hard and packed, so much that each step a girl made created a crunching noise. This caused apprehension in Elsi, as she didn't want to be heard by anyone suspicious.

Though they stepped further and further away from the ice wall, the iciness of the trees did not dwindle. Every lone tree was covered in ice from the ground up to what all three of them supposed was the highest point of the wall.

Mihoshi glanced at Elsi. She could tell that her best friend still thought this was a bad idea. But to Mihoshi, this was new. This was an adventure. She felt she was meant to be here; to uncover all of its secrets.

Suddenly, a shout dispelled the quiet.


It had come from Leyka.

Mihoshi approached where her sister was pointing. Then she gasped.

"We have to get out of here," she said.

Elsi shook her head. What was with Mihoshi? One minute she was all over this, and now –

But Elsi soon understood.

A soldier, undoubtedly from the Fire Nation, stood very still in the snow. His armor was the same white color.

"What is he doing here?!" Elsi whispered. Her heart raced. Her was under attack!

"Wait," Mihoshi said. "I think he's frozen."

Elsi reached a finger out, slowly, and touched the armor. It was cold, and it didn't even feel like metal. It felt like –

"Snow," she said.

Leyka punched the soldier's hand. It broke off and fell. She stepped on it and it turned into white powder.

"It's a statue made of snow!" Leyka gasped.

"Wow," Mihoshi said. "How did they build it? It looks so real..."

Elsi turned. She saw, not far away, another soldier. This one looked like it was from the Earth Kingdom. Unlike the Fire Nation one, it had no helmet. Its hair and beard were showing, but it didn't have a face.

She shot a stream of fire at its arm, and it melted into water.

"Look at this!" Mihoshi said.

Elsi and Leyka followed her voice and found yet another white soldier. This one had a helmet shaped like a wolf, and through it they could see its lack of face.

Mihoshi stuck her hand in the helmet.

"They're all snow," she said with wonder in her voice.

"Is this why this glade was cut off?" Elsi asked. "So someone could make a bunch of snowmen?"

"Listen!" Mihoshi whispered.

Elsi listened.

Footsteps could be heard in the distance, but they were soft. Whoever it was, they weren't crunching through the almost frozen ground like Elsi, Mihoshi and Leyka had been.

They grew closer and closer.

"Eeeeek!" Leyka screamed.

Mihoshi and Elsi turned at once.

Coming toward them were at least a dozen snow soldiers, some from every nation. They didn't move like people. They moved, Mihoshi thought, like walking dolls.

"S-someone's bending the snow in them," she stammered. "That's why th-this was frozen. They w-want to hide their snow army!"

Elsi stepped in front of Mihoshi and Leyka. She took a stance.

The snowmen kept coming.

"Get away from us!" Elsi shouted as she shot fire at two of the snowmen, melting them.

The snowmen formed a circle around the three girls.

"S-stop it!" Elsi yelled. She continued to melt as many snowmen as she could.

A female voice laughed in response. It was coming from a far point.

"You can't do that forever!" the voice called.

As Elsi watched, snow came up from the ground and formed itself into a new soldier.

"I won't let you harm them!" Elsi called back.

"Mihoshiiii! Heeeelp!"

Elsi stopped firebending. One of the soldiers had grabbed hold of Leyka.

Mihoshi bent a large rock towards the soldier but stopped. She didn't want to hit her sister.

Elsi didn't know what to do. She had to melt the snowman, but she couldn't hit Leyka. And it would be hard not to; the snowman was moving away very quickly.

Then more snowmen closed in on Elsi and Mihoshi, blocking Leyka from view.

"No!" Mihoshi screamed, bending the rock through the snowmen.

Suddenly, they all collapsed into piles of snow.

Mihoshi darted her head in many directions.

"Leyka!" she screamed.

But Leyka and the snowman carrying her had both vanished.

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