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July 3, 2017

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In a village called Midori in the middle of a forest, joyous shouts could be heard.

Han, Maya and Meimu could not contain their happiness. After having disappeared for an entire day and night, Elsi, Mihoshi and Leyka had returned. And they were not alone.

"Mi'shi," Maya asked, "who are these girls?"

Aira stepped forward.

"I am Aira," she replied. "This is Ket-Ket and Maya-Ar. We came from the forest."

"The forest?" Meimu said curiously.

"Allow me to explain," Elsi said. "It all started when I discovered a strange freeze around a part of the forest. We—Mihoshi and Leyka and I—went through it. That's where we found them."

Soon, the whole tale flowed out. The snow warriors, Leyka's kidnapping, Aira, Kaligah, Elsi's and Mihoshi's love for one another, and finally, how Elsi had saved them all.

When they heard about Elsi's and Mihoshi's kiss and their declarations of love, Han, Maya and Meimu all smiled knowingly.

"I knew you thought there was something special about her, Els," Meimu said smiling.

" all approve?" asked Mihoshi.

"We couldn't have asked for a better match," said Han.

"You will definitely make each other happy," Maya said.

"Mihoshi is wonderful, Els. You're a very lucky girl," said Meimu as she patted Elsi's shoulder.

Leyka smiled, too. Elsi had always been like another sister to her.


That night, all nine of them sat around a campfire, courtesy of Elsi.

"So you and Maya-Ar will be living here, correct?" Han asked Aira.

"Indeed," she replied. "But Ket-Ket won't be."

"Oh, right," said Meimu. "You're going back to the Northern Water Tribe."

Ket-Ket nodded.

"I will be so happy to see them all again," she said. "Mama, Papa, Kalak, Riki and Nila."

She shed a single tear as she thought of her family. She hadn't seen them in so long.


The very next day, Ket-Ket left Midori Village and journeyed to the coast, where she found Kaligah's ship, thankfully no longer occupied by Kaligah. Accompanying her was a sailor found by Han and Maya, who agreed to take Ket-Ket home. As she set course for the North Pole, Ket-Ket gazed across the sea. Please, she thought, please wait for me just a little longer...


Over the next few weeks, Aira and Maya-Ar settled into the simple, free lifestyle of Midori Village. They often spent time playing in the fields with Elsi, Mihoshi and Leyka, and were always welcome at their homes. Soon, the foundations of a lasting friendship were laid between Leyka and Maya-Ar. There was almost nowhere one went that the other didn't accompany her.

On a certain day, a girl said her goodbyes to a sailor and set foot onto the shores of the icy North Pole. She broke into a run, heading straight for her family home. There they were, and the first to notice the girl were two twin eleven-year-old girls, who sprinted out of the house.

"KET-KET!" they both screamed as they threw their arms around her, never intending to let go.

"Riki!" Ket-Ket cried. "Nila!"


A woman peered out of the doorway.

"Marak!" she screamed with joy. "Kalak! You'll never believe it! Ket-Ket's back!"

The woman made a beeline for Ket-Ket and hugged her tight. She was never going to let her daughter go again, much like Ket-Ket's sisters.

Following her were a man and a boy of sixteen. They, too, threw their arms around Ket-Ket. Even in the harsh frozen north, the entire family shed warm tears of joy.

At last they all broke apart. Marak, Ket-Ket's father, continued to sob as he hugged her again.

"Kitty-Ket," he said through tears, "where have you been all this time?"

"Would you believe me if I told you?" Ket-Ket replied.

"I would," said her mother, Kina.

"Then I will tell you. It's a tale of fire, song and a snowstorm..."


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