Fire, Song and a Snowstorm Chapter 12
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December 12, 2016

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"Elsi!" Mihoshi cried. "You came!"

Elsi looked upon Mihoshi with horror. She, Leyka and Ket-Ket were tied to pillars with what looked like ropes, but they were made of ice.

Aira looked frantically around the room.

"Maya-Ar!" she squealed. "Where's Maya-Ar?!"

Kaligah smirked evilly as she collapsed a wall of ice. There sat Maya-Ar, imprisoned by frozen chains.

"You cannot free her, or any of them," she said to Aira. "I have a hold on them all."

She held up the Frozen Heart, with which she was maintaining the tightness of everyone's bonds.

"Aira may have to fight with your skills," Elsi said with a smile, "but I do not!"

And with that, she shot fire at the three pillars to which Mihoshi, Leyka and Ket-Ket were tied. They melted into puddles, taking with them the ropes and parts of the ceiling. Snow began to fall through the new gaps.

Kaligah's face contorted in rage as she grabbed Maya-Ar, holding the Frozen Heart close to that of the little girl.

"Make one more move," Kaligah snarled, "and she turns completely to ice!"

The others stopped in their tracks.

"If you want her to live, Aira," Kaligah said, "you will do exactly as I say. The firebender and earthbender are mine now, and so is the other girl. You will take them, and Ket-Ket, to be commanders of my army of snow, with which we will march and conquer Ba Sing Se!

"I want each of you to create snow soldiers by the dozen! Failure to do so means your precious Maya-Ar will die! And all of you will create a snow shield to keep them strong!"

As Kaligah continued to gleefully describe her grand plan, Aira noticed the pile of snow collecting where the pillars that Mihoshi, Leyka and Ket-Ket had been tied to had been. With minimal movements of her fingers, she guided the snow to fall closer and closer to Kaligah, until it reached the perfect spot to gather behind her.

"And once the Earth Kingdom is ours," Kaligah continued, "we will create more soldiers, more commanders, and take the Fire Nation! Even with their heat, they won't be able to stop our numbers! Everything will become the empire of ice, the domain of Empress Kaligah!"

But what Kaligah didn't know was that at that moment, a tiny snow warrior was rising up behind her. It was the perfect likeness of Aira excepting its lack of a face. The snow Aira snuck around the corner of Kaligah's gown and punched, sending the Frozen Heart flying.

"No!" Kaligah screamed, running to catch her one instrument of power.

In that instant, Elsi made a leap for Maya-Ar, but Kaligah jumped in between them, the Frozen Heart clutched triumphantly in her hand. Quickly, Elsi sent streams of fire toward Maya-Ar's shackles, but pieces of ice came out of the wall beyond them and hit every single fireball, turning both Elsi's attack and itself into a puddle of water.

"You cannot stop me!" Kaligah cried, cackling. "Even the entire Fire Nation will not stop me! How much do you think one little, flickering flame like you can do?"

"How dare you speak to Elsi like that!" Mihoshi shouted. She dove for Kaligah, but was blocked by a snow warrior.

"Attack!" cried Kaligah, forming new soldiers from the falling snow. "Get them!"

Mihoshi, Aira, Ket-Ket and Leyka kicked, punched and bent the warriors, but more were coming, and Elsi found herself cornered by Kaligah's figure.

"Now I have you!" Kaligah triumphantly cried as she aimed the Frozen Heart at Elsi.

Elsi smiled.

"Finally happy to join me, are you?" Kaligah said coldly. "Never," Elsi replied as a small fireball shot from her hand...landing right in the middle of the Frozen Heart.

Of course, being made entirely of ice, it melted in the face of Elsi's fire.

"Nooooo!" Kaligah screamed.

Outside, the snow stopped falling and the sun began to rise.

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