Fire, Song and a Snowstorm Chapter 11
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July 15, 2016

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"What is your home like?" Ket-Ket asked Mihoshi as they walked towards the place where Elsi had blasted Kaligah's ice, with Leyka beside them.

"It's in Midori Village, very close by," Mihoshi said. "It's a small house surrounded by trees and grass."

"Yeah, and we have a kitty!" Leyka added.

Mihoshi smiled. She knew Liu would be happy to see her and Leyka return.

Suddenly, someone jumped out from the left and landed in front of them. No, not someone – something. The snow warrior held the likeness of a broad, muscled Fire Nation warrior with a three-pointed helmet and huge snowy axe.

"Get back!" shouted Ket-Ket.

She narrowed her eyes and broke seven icicles off of tree branches. The icicles turned on their sides and lowered to her waist. Then, she sent them, one after another, straight at the brutish man of snow.

"Look out!" Mihoshi screamed. Two more snowmen, more agile-looking than the one facing Ket-Ket, jumped down and tried to strike Mihoshi and Leyka, but Mihoshi was ready. She bent the soil out of the ground, making spikes of frosty earth that imprisoned and pierced the snow warriors, turning them into harmless heaps of snow.

Ket-Ket's icicles had caused her snow warrior to lose its legs, but it formed new ones out of the fresh snow.

"Kaligah must be nearby," she said. "And she's putting them back together –"

She stopped when she heard two voices squeal in horror. Ket-Ket quickly turned around and saw two new snow warriors holding the hands of Mihoshi and Leyka tightly behind their backs. Leyka kicked at the legs of the snowman holding her, but the powdery snow quickly reformed.


Deeper in the forest, Elsi and Aira fared no better. They saw Kaligah in the distance, standing on a high hill, from which she commanded the warriors that had attacked their friends. With prowess, she spun around toward Elsi, creating hoards of new guards that Elsi kept blasting fire at.

Just then, Elsi was struck with an idea.

"Aira!" she yelled. "Get back!"

Aira jumped away from Elsi and watched, amazed, as Elsi stopped blasting Kaligah's minions and focused on the ground. She let a large stream of fire out and spun, just as Kaligah had, and the thick snow melted into a giant puddle. Now there was naught but mud and grass in between her and the mean-looking fort that belonged to Kaligah.

"Aira!" Elsi shouted. "See if you can command some of these – things!"

Aira began to bend the warriors while Elsi melted the ones blocking the door. Now she could properly see Kaligah's ice fortress. It was layered like Aira's, but each floor had spires of large icicles reaching up into the sky. It shone the brightest blue, giving off the feeling of ruthless, bone-chilling winter.

"Let's go!" Elsi said and ran for the doors.

Then she stopped. Aira was not following.


"Elsi, go! I have to hold Kaligah off!"

Elsi gasped. The remaining snow warriors were jerking around in impossible movements for a human. She knew that this meant Aira and Kaligah were fighting for their control.

"Hey Kaligah," Elsi said, "I don't need your snow!"

And with that, she sent a fire blast to Kaligah's location. Kaligah yelped and ran off before it could hit her. It didn't need to – Kaligah had given up control over the snow warriors. Under Aira's hands, they collapsed to the ground.

"Thank you, Elsi," Aira said.

Elsi smiled.

"You're welcome. Now, let's go find Maya-Ar!"


The first place Kaligah ran to was her fortress. That girl had been trying to break in! Well, she wasn't going to be unpunished.

She jumped in through the window from a column of snow.

"Finally I caught you," she sneered at Leyka, who was being held there alongside Mihoshi and Ket-Ket.

The evil icebender raised the Frozen Heart.

"Oh no you don't!"

Kaligah turned. Standing before her were Elsi and Aira.

"You let them go right now!" Elsi demanded. "And release Maya-Ar!"

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