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Fire, Song and a Snowstorm
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Elsi, a firebender, is born of a soldier who deserted the army to be with his beloved, an Earth Kingdom woman. Her parents are killed when she is a baby, and she is adopted by her aunt, her mother's sister, who is good friends with the parents of Mihoshi, an earthbender with a talent for singing and playing the liuqin. Elsi and Mihoshi become best friends and fall in love over the years, and the two of them, accompanied by Mihoshi's sister Leyka, find themselves caught up in the life of a girl made of ice, and a sinister woman who can bend frozen water. Canon-compliant but OC-centric, canon characters do not appear.


Elsi (埃尔西) - A firebender born of a drafted Fire Nation soldier and an Earth Kingdom peasant woman. Raised by her aunt after her parents are killed, she hides her firebending from all except her family and close friends, for fear of being seen as an enemy.

Mihoshi - An earthbender whose mother was a childhood friend of Elsi's aunt and mother. Mihoshi is skilled at singing and at playing the liuqin, talents she values above her bending.

Leyka - Mihoshi's younger sister by seven years. Leyka is a happy-go-lucky carefree child who views Elsi as a second big sister.

Aira (艾麗婭) - A mysterious girl with skin of ice and dark blue hair. She is cursed to be this way and will freeze anything she touches with her bare hands, and thus has isolated herself. She has, over the years, found others like her and invited them to reside with her. These others, who call themselves the "Snow People", look to Aira as a leader. Due to the enchantment she is under, Aira is able to bend water but only in its frozen form.

Ket-Ket - A girl under the same curse as Aira. Aira took her under her wing.

Maya-Ar - A little girl who was orphaned in a Fire Nation raid. Right after this, Earth Kingdom soldiers planned to take her to a children's home, but along the way she was hit with the ice curse. Shortly after, Aira appeared and Maya-Ar gladly went with her, feeling safe.

Kaligah - The one behind everything. Kaligah is able to bend frozen water using an artifact of her own making called the "Frozen Heart". She used it to put the curse on Aira, Ket-Ket and Maya-Ar, and has her eye on using it to freeze her way to command of an icy army, and perhaps eventually to the throne of the Earth King.


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