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Finny, Fin


Fire Nation

Birth place

Fire Nation Capitol


Fire Nation Capitol







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Coal black

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Bending style(s)



Basic firebending, rage firebending a.k.a. purple firebending


Gatton, Baizken, Grandma, Father, Mom


Gatton, Baizken, Fire Nation, Lee, Jenno, Sala


Jinca and the Posse, Sulu, Raingeous, and Bard

Chronological and political information



Fire Nation



Finosa is a firebender living in the Fire Nation. She lives an easy life, though she does not know where her mother is at this point in time. She goes to a Fire Nation school just outside of town. She is the main heroine of The Lost Air Temple.


Early life

Finosa was born into the family of Sven and his wife. Sven's father was the Avatar, so Finosa is the Avatar's granddaughter. A two years later, she got a baby brother. When she was young (about 4 or 5) her family discovered she was a firebender. It was a quiet time in the world; however, her father met daily with the sages for many hours and her mother currently helping refugees in the Earth Kingdom from a flood. Her grandfather, Gatton the Avatar, began teaching her firebending. After a few years of basic training, she went to school with her younger brother, Baizken. During this time, she met her best friend, Sala. She continued going to school for many years.

Fall of the Sages

Finosa was completely unaware of the crisis going on at the Fire Sage's Temple, but she and her grandfather kept training. After failing to learn part of the advanced set and almost burning down a tree, they stopped for the day. The next day was a school day and Finosa and Baizken left early that mourning. Finosa met up with her friend, Sala, and chatted for a bit. Yet, the bell rang and all the children went to class. After class, the children went outside for recess. Her brother upset the school bully, Jinca. They prepared for a fight, but the bell rang. Baizken went home, saying he was sick; but, Finosa stayed. She got all of her friends to tell the teacher what really happened. Then she went home.

Meeting up with her brother and grandmother back at the house, she discovered that she and her brother had been invited to the temple. She took her grand father's dragon, Duma to the temple. After getting not exactly a warm welcome at the temple, they fought their way through the temple to meet Raingeous and Bard, the only sages left. After her brother ran off to look for the others, she tried to stall the sages, but accidently challenged Raingeous to an Agni-Kai. After being severely beaten, she did something she had never done before; her fire turned a bright purple. She lost control and the sage still beat her. She was put in chains, but she escaped. She was about to leave when she saw Head Assassin Sulu. They had a battle.


Finosa knows the basics of firebending. Her favorite technique to use is the firebomb. When Finosa gets really truly angry, her firebending turns purple and becomes extremely strong, but she loses control. She has had trouble mastering the advanced set.


Finosa is a good person. Sometimes she can be a bit blunt. She has some of friends at school who are average. She can get angry at some people, though. She is mostly nice and friendly.


  • She doesn't like her firebending class, sometimes.
  • Her favorite food is komodochicken.
  • She is arguably the most dangerous firebender when she uses rage fire, a technique that is based on pure anger and completely distorted fire bending.
  • The idea of a relation of the Avatar bending colored fire comes from the series Avatar: Energy Saga.

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