Finding the Spirit Library
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Shadower Ambush


Finding the Spirit Library

Part 1

Rocky, Rumble, and Coal are in the Si Wong Desert.

Rocky: How did we get here?

Coal: How did you lose the map?

Rocky: The wind did it!

They then saw an adventurer in quick sand.

Adventurer: Help!

So Rocky sandbended him out.

Adventurer: Thank you. I am Jones.

Rocky: There should be a movie called Jones.

Jones: I am looking for the Spirit Library.

Rocky: I'm no Airbender.

Shadower ambush! Rocky knocked out 2 Airbending Shadowers, and Coal knocked out 4 Earthbending Shadowers. But one Shadower was left.

Shadower: I think I hear my mother calling!

Then Rocky fell. He sandbended himself up and a building arose with him.

Jones: The Spirit Library!

Then Rock ran in it.

Rocky: I'll learn about firebending!

Wan Shi Tong: Not so fast, humans! Give me something first!

Coal: Firebending Scroll.

Rocky: Metalbending Scroll.

Jones: My research on Firebending.

Wan Shi Tong: I will add these too my collection. Feel free to browse.

Rocky went to the fire section, Jones followed Wan Shi Tong, and Coal went to the Avatar section.

To be continued...

Part 2

Finding the Spirit Library
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Rocky arrived in the Fire Section. It all was burnt! He noticed a scroll that wasn't burnt. It said How to Firebend... For Imbeciles. He took it outside and began to train.

Coal arrived to the Avatar Section. He saw a scroll marked Aang. He put it in his sack.

Shadowers then intruded in the library!

Rocky: Firebendin' time!

Rocky knocked out 7 Waterbending Shadowers, 16 Earthbending Shadowers, and 24 Firebending Shadowers. But he was still overwhelmed. The Shadowers took Rocky prisoner.

Coal was in the Earthbending Section. He took a scroll and put it in his sack. He decided to go check on Rocky. He looked all over. But no Rocky.

Rocky was taken to a Shadower Prison. They put him in a high security cell. Haley prepared to turn him into a Shadower...

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