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Celebrations and Revelations


"Ha Ha, Han! What kind of name is that for a girl!"

This was what Han heard every day after school. She knew perfectly well that I had a boys name, and as a matter of fact, she liked it. She realized that she was walking very slowly, head turned toward the rather disgusting pavement. Jan, she thought. Put your head up, and think of something to be happy about. She shyly looked around at all the people, the university students, eaven that girl who wished that the Dai Li had never left, was laughing at her. Children were telling their parents to get them away from "Han the weirdo". "Hey, Han, happy twentieth birthday, oops, I mean, second birthday!" Chuckled another student, and then burst out laughing. Han wanted to cry! It was her birthday! She obviously never had parties or anything, but birthdays were always a special time for her. When I got to my house in the southern part of the Middle Ring, I unlocked the door, and was surprised to find the men of The Order of the White Lotus standing inside!

" did you get in here?" She asked them.

"Come in," said the leader. "We have much to discuss."

"Yes," said another. "We've discovered that you are the Avatar."

"WHAT!?" she practically screamed. "I didn't even know I was a bender!"

"Yes, but there is more," the leader said, "There is another Avatar, in the Fire Nation. She in younger than you. Ten years old, as a matter of fact. But, we lost contact with her parents four years ago. We are going to the Fire Nation to find her."

Han was so excited and nervous that she was barely even listening. "So? So!? When will I start training? Do I have to fight!? Ooh I don't know about that! Is there a manual? I hope so! Wait, what? Another Avatar? In the Fire Nation!? And we're visiting? When?" She screamed, which was not like her at all!

"Well," said the leader again looking at his watch. "Just about now."

"Now?!" she screamed again. "But, I haven't even packed!"

"Don't worry, we have packed for you," he said, gesturing to the trunks of her stuff.

Han cringed, imagining the Order of the White Lotus handling her underwear.

"We should go now."

They all went towards a car that was parked in front of her house.

"Come on," one said.

She got in to the passenger seat of the car, which smelled very bad. "Well," she thought, "here we go."

One day later, the Order of the White Lotus had just seen Han to her room at a hotel in the Fire Nation Capital, when the lid to the heating duct opened with a loud CLANG! And they were shocked to see a grimy looking girl slide out of it!


I am currently redoing this chapter.

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