Final Preparations
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March 29, 2014

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The Wrath of Boba Fett, Part 2

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Battle for the Fire Nation, Part 1: Betrayal

Aang woke up the next morning. Zuko and Mai were standing over Aang, who was lying in bed.

"You okay?" Mai asked.

Aang groaned.

"What happened?" Aang said.

"How am I supposed to know?" Mai said in a dull tone.

"You definitely took a hit. You've been out all night," Zuko said.

"Where is Katara?" Aang asked.

Zuko lowered his head.

"Fett took her. Vader has her now," Zuko said.

"No..." Aang said.

"I'm sorry," Zuko said.

"You are not to blame, Zuko. This is all my fault," Aang said.

"No one is at fault here, Aang." Obi-Wan said walking into the room.

"I know, Master Obi-Wan. I have to save Katara," Aang said.

"Patience, young one. You will have your chance," Obi-Wan said.

Zuko, Admiral Chao, Sokka, General Chi Fu, Suki, Iroh, Toph, and Mai were in the throne room discussing what the Fire Nation would do next to defeat the Galactic Empire.

"Several Fire Nation citizens have come to me saying they have seen an Imperial Fleet heading to the capital," Zuko said.

"If they have starfighters of their own, perhaps we could attack using our airship fleet?" Admiral Chao said.

"With all do respect Admiral, the airships our too slow. A squad of TIE fighters would destroy them in an instant. How about a naval strike? Death from below?" Sokka said.

"With all do respect Sokka, a squad of TIE bombers could destroy the ships." General Chi Fu said.

"Why not use tanks?" Suki asked.

"The bombers would destroy them as well," Iroh said.

"Why not all three? They won't suspect a thing!" Toph said.

"Sounds fine to me," Mai said.

"Brilliant idea Toph!" Zuko said.

The rumors of the fleet heading to the capital were no joke. Darth Vader and Darth Sidious were on board the Executor. The Executor was being escorted by five other Imperial Star Destroyers. Admiral Ozzel and General Veers walked up to them.

"Your Highness, we have reached the Fire Nation Capital," Veers said to Sidious.

"Well done General." Sidious said.

"Lord Vader, there are several airships surrounding the palace. A direct attack could be extremely dangerous," Ozzel said.

"Airships do not concern me Admiral. I want the Avatar, not excuses," Vader said.

Vader walked into the hanger bay. Commander Cable and his squadron were waiting for him.

"Commander Cable, I am giving you and your squadron the assignment of finding Fire Lord Zuko. I want him alive. Do I make myself clear?" Vader said.

"Crystal, sir," Cable said.

Vader then walked into a secret room. A cloaked Darth Zannah was waiting for him.

"It is time. Your final test awaits you tonight. When the moment arrives, show no weakness. Are you ready, my apprentice?" Vader said.

"Yes, my Master. I was made for this," Zannah said.

Vader walked into a prison cell.

Inside it was Katara.

"Now you will experience the full power of the Dark Side...and Avatar Aang...shall fall," Vader said.

"Shut up," Katara said boldly.

Vader kicked her in the chin with his right leg, then returned to his Master's side. Vader and Sidious gazed at the palace, both knowing the fate of the Fire Nation was about to be decided.

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