Final Goodbyes
Rest well, friend
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The Legend of Korra


25 years after the events of Kuvira and her armies, Korra and Asami Sato's family is in grave danger from a new and unidentified threat.

Final Goodbyes

Why is the corridor so long!? she was internally panicking now, but she kept running with the young child in her arms, not looking back to see if the figure had drawn any closer to her. The child was a little awake now, his brown eyes fluttered open to the face that was above him and made little gurgling noises.

"You can't run, Sato! You will die either way!"

Asami looked back a moment to the dark clouded figure, then continued running. It was only now that she began to pant from exhaustion, and her sides began to ache a little now. C'mon, Korra. I know you have that plan ready, any time now would be great.

"Asami! Duck!"

She immediately dropped to the floor as a blast of wind could be heard above her, and a loud yell of pain could be heard. She covered the boy's small body as she ducked down, when the yell slowly died, she heard fast approaching footsteps. Please be Korra.

"C'mon, Asami, I need you to get up now! I'm pretty sure the rest of his gang heard the noise!"

"Right, sorry. I've got Tovro, please tell me you have-"

"Yes, I have Lena! She's waiting by the door, now we have to move quickly!"

Korra took off first, her short hair seemed to whip behind her from the sudden movement, Asami followed her down the next hallway, and thankfully this one was to the grand hall. They finally entered the hall, its massive staircase was almost littered with burns and... Was that a corpse? Asami shuddered a little but continued behind Korra who now was at the main door.

"You doing okay? Mako and Bolin are coming with the Metalbending Police Force."

"I'm doing fine, Korra, it's just that they basically destroyed my glove back when I was getting Tovro. And-"

"Don't worry. Everything is gonna be good, alright?"

Asami stared at the now grim-faced Korra who somehow gave a halfhearted smile. How can she do that now? Of all times!? A small bit of anger and annoyance swelled in Asami, but it died down as she slowly smiled as well.

"Right, let's just get out of here."

Korra pushed open the heavy doors then picked up Lena and hefted her in her arms. She nodded to Asami to follow her as she ran out the doors and to the nearby parked car. Asami followed, holding Tovro tight in her arms as she ran out of her estate and to the car. They both buckled the children in and the small sound of sirens could be heard in the distance. Hurry guys...

"You actually thought you could get away this easy, Sato!?"

The deep voice emitted from the doorway, and it came through. The man stood tall, his steel gauntlets shined from the moonlight, and his black robes blew in the small breeze. It reminded her of the chi blockers during the time of Amon all those years ago, perhaps it were the same robes to only strike more fear into their hearts. After settling Lena in, Korra braved the man by stepping toward him, entering her earthbending stance.

"Actually, yes, because your other friends were just pushovers."

"You dare insult my men!?"

"Yup, and you gotta deal with it."

Asami swore she could see the steam rising from the man's ears when Korra finished her last line. It was then that Asami placed Tovro in the car next to his sister, who now was fully awake and fear was in her eyes. Before she could speak, Asami put a finger on her own mouth and Lena nodded a little. She then turned back to the taunting session.

"ARGHHH! Let's settle this, Avatar!"

He howled at her then charged at her, Korra smirked as she slid up the man tripping him into a face plant on the ground. He rose angrier and then revealed his electrified kali sticks, unholstering them and then charged at Korra once again. Asami now smirked as she watched Korra beat him and yawned from its boredom, but that quickly faded as she felt the arm grab her neck and the small yelp from her daughter.

"Now now, you think we'd let the brute do all the work?"

She growled and elbowed the man in the stomach, she turned around quickly with a roundhouse kick him to the ground. Lena was now biting the man who had grabbed her as Asami slid over the car and kicked him to the ground as well. All too easy... It was then she turned horrified to Korra.

"Bring it! You're like a big training dummy!"



Korra knocked down the brute with a boulder then turned to the rooftops above, but it was too late. The compressed air could be heard releasing, and the small lead ball launched itself through Korra and landed into some nearby grass. Korra stood still as a blood spot formed around the small hole, she chuckled a little then fell to her knees. No no no no no no... Asami ran to the kneeling Korra and lowered her into her lap. The men above seemed to have disappeared, and Lena was now peaking over the car door.

"" Korra's eyes were half open, but she fought to keep them open.

"I'm here, Korra... I'm right here, alright?" Asami tried to brave a brave face, but still the tears fell.

Korra drew a raspy breath and weakly placed her hand on Asami's cheek. "I know you are... watch the kids..."

Asami shook her head a little. "No... you're going to be fine-"

"Stay safe..."

"Korra, stop, please.." Korra's eyes were beginning to look away from Asami.

"And... find the next one... they may not look... like me... but... they really are me..."

"I know... but you're going to make it... just please stay awake."

It was only now that the police were there, metalbending police zipped to the top of the estate as Mako and Bolin ran to them. Bolin slid beside Asami, and Mako stood above her in horror.

"Mako... Bolin..?"

Bolin spoke first and spoke weakly, trying to keep his composure. "Yes, it's us, Korra, medics will be here momentarily..."

Korra coughed up small dots of blood. "I think... the three of us know that... I'm not going to make it... I ask this one last thing from all... of you..."

Mako now spoke but lowered his head in shame as he kneeled beside her. "Go ahead..."

Asami couldn't believe what she just heard from him, was he really giving up hope that she'd make it? No, she will make it!

Korra drew a faint smile. "Seek out... the new Avatar... he or she... will be... of Earth Kingdom... origin..."

The three nodded together, but it was Asami who continued to believe that she would make it.

"I wish you all... a goodbye from... this life... I'll be... back in... another.... and Asami... I love... you..." Korra's eyes slowly shut, and her hand fell from Asami's face.

Asami shook her head in disbelief as she began to sob uncontrollably, and Bolin put an arm around Asami, Mako followed the action. The three slowly cried as their friend's body lay lifeless before them, the three embraced each other in sadness but knew what they must do...

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