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Righting Past Wrongs

Past Life

Nero stood outside the home of his ex-girlfriend. He'd been thinking about this day a lot in the past, it was finally time to seal this wound. Nero had to keep checking to make sure that no one followed him, he would not lead his friends to her. When he finally approached the door the sound of laughing children stopped him cold. It took him a full five minutes to get his nerve back. You'll go around the world to kill the Firelord, and the Avatar, but you can't say hello to your ex-girlfriend? he thought to himself. He knocked on the door and time seemed to freeze, it thawed when a man about his size opened the door with a five-year-old girl clinging to his leg.

"Can I help you?" the man asked with a worried expression.

"Yes I'm looking for Miku." Nero began nervously. "Tell her an old friend is here to see her."

"Well, well, look what the cat owl dragged in." a soft voice said from behind the man. "Good to see you again Nero." Miku was just as beautiful as Nero remembered her. She didn't look very happy to see him however. "It's alright hon, I need to speak with my old friend."

The man gave Nero a look of contempt as he and the child left Nero and Miku alone.

"Hello Miku..." Nero was cut off as Miku slapped him across the face. "I suppose I deserved that."

"What do you want Nero?" Miku said crossing her arms. "If you came back to start over you're a few years too late."

"I just wanted to see you again, and apologize." Nero began.

"Well go on." Miku said.

Nero spent the next half hour trying to apologize for abandoning her. After stumbling over his words a few times, Miku finally seemed to accept his apology. While they shook hands Nero slipped a slip of paper into her hand.

My heart will always be yours.

Current Life

Nero walked through the halls of the base. It had been a few days since he and the others took Mai and her children hostage. Nero couldn't help but be impressed at how calmly they were taking the whole hostage situation. As he approached Mai's cell he heard voices coming out of it. Inside was the man who'd been thrown out of her home before Nero went in. He was saying things that weren't at all appropriate for the Firelady's ears.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Nero demanded as the man's hand came up to strike her.

"N-Nero I was just..." the man said stumbling over his words like Nero did a few hours ago.

"You were just about to strike our guest" Nero said walking up to the man, noticing Mai's hostile glare. He grabbed the assassin by his collar and threw him out of the cell while saying, "You're excused." Nero then turned to Mai who was still glaring at him. "The next guard won't be as troublesome." he promised

A few minutes later Nero was sitting in his room, staring at the door. He didn't like being in here for long, he preferred open spaces. Eventually there was a knock at the door. Nero stood as his guest entered. "What do you want my lady?"

"Nero, is everything ready?" the woman asked keeping her face in the shadows.

"Of course, just as we planned," Nero confirmed.

"Then you know what to do." the woman said before leaving.

Arrival on Ember Island

Appa flew towards Ember Island with great speed. However Zuko didn't feel it was fast enough.

"Can't he go any faster?" he asked impatiently.

"He's been flying non stop since we left that base, get off his back." Aang said becoming irritable.

Zuko looked at the ocean beneath them. "I'd rather not."

No one said another word until they reached the island about two hours later as the sun was setting. Zuko leaped off Appa before he even landed and sprinted up the stairs. The evidence of struggle was clear, from the dried up blood to the destroyed furniture.

"Damn it, we're too late!" Zuko yelled blowing a wall out with a fire blast.

"Zuko, we'll find them." Katara promised as she doused the fires Zuko had started.

"But where are they?" Zuko asked himself. Then a loud explosion rang through the house. The group ran outside and saw a large pillar of smoke raising in the distance, with the faintest hint of black flames.

"I'm willing to guess over there." Sokka said pointing.


Nero stood outside his home contemplating his move. After deciding the best course of action, Nero began to create a large ball of black fire and launched it at his home. The resulting explosion completely destroyed his home revealing the tunnel he had Des make for him. The tunnel led to the Black Lotus Assassin's base. Nero had it built in case he ever needed a quick escape. Never thought he'd have to reveal it to his targets. As Nero walked through the tunnel he heard the Avatar's voice at the front of it, and picked up the pace. Once he arrived in the base he immediately went to the children's cell. When he walked the kids back up to the wall, afraid he would hurt them.

"Come with me." Nero said softly, "I'm getting you and your mother out of here." The children reluctantly followed Nero as he lead them to Mai's cell. Mai still glared at him hostily.

"What are you doing with my children?" She asked grabbing on to the bars.

"Getting you all out of here." Nero said as he unlocked the door. "Now go down the hall and go into the third room on the left. There's someone there who'll help you get out."

Nero waited until he heard the door close before he moved. He walked briskly to the arena where he'd faced the trials, and waited there.


Aang, Zuko, and the others stood outside Nero's burning home.

"What happened?" Suki wondered aloud.

"Well if I had to guess I'd have to say something angered Nero and he blew up his house." Sokka said randomly donning his detective hat and pipe.

"Where did you get those?" Katara asked.

The question went unanswered as Aang found a tunnel in the rubble. "Hey guys I found something. Where do you think it leads?" he asked as the others gathered around him.

"Secret base maybe." Sokka guessed blowing bubbles from his pipe as Toph stepped inside.

"Well what do you know, Sokka's right," she said starting down the tunnel. Zuko had finally lost all of his patience and charged down the tunnel, ignoring the cries of the others telling him to wait. He ran all the way to the end of the tunnel and found himself in a large network of tunnels. He wandered through, using his agility and other stealth skills to remain hidden. As he approached a door he heard someone coming down the hall. Zuko quickly opened the door and hid inside.

"So you finally showed?" Nero's voice called from behind.

Zuko turned around while drawing his dao swords. With a yell he charged toward Nero, bringing his blades down to kill him. Nero's hands shot up and caught Zuko by his wrists. "Where's my family?" he asked while struggling to bring his blades down.

"They're dead." Nero said while bringing his feet to Zuko's chest. Nero pushed off Zuko hard, sending him flying and making him drop the swords. Zuko landed on his feet and blasted fire at Nero, who rolled out of the way and shot his own fire at Zuko. Zuko met the blast head on with his own. As the Zuko's fire crashed into Nero's, it appeared as though Nero's would engulf his flames again, but Zuko's fire held strong as the color changed from its usual orange and yellow, to a near blinding white. Zuko's new white flames evened out against Nero's black flames and eventually consumed them. Nero's eyes widened as the white fire threatened to engulf him.

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