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Final Agni Kai
[[File:Comet-Enhanced Agni Kai|250px|Final Agni Kai (Kyoshi Revolts)]]


Murder at the Boiling Rock




Title of Fire Lord


Summer, 100 AG


Fire Nation Capital


Princess Azula victorious


Princess Azula



Forces involved

Comet Enhanced Firebending

Comet Enhanced Firebending





The Final Agni Kai was the final big battle in the Fire Nation's War for World Domination. It was an Agni Kai, or fire duel, fought between Princess Azula and Zuko.


Zuko and Azula had a long history of enmity. Zuko was unhappy that Ozai deeply favored Azula over him; likewise, Azula was upset that Ursa deeply favored Zuko. This childhood competition expanded into extreme distrust and even hatred. They also both have been the first in line to the throne.

Weeks prier to Sozin's Comet, Princess Azula successfully killed two members of Team Avatar during the legendary battle, Murder at the Boiling Rock. Zuko lived through the battle, but he was heartbroken at his failure to his friends. After he told Team Avatar of the deaths, they became extremely angry at Zuko, especially Katara, who was deeply depressed. Azula, however, was praised and raved over by Ozai, and he decided to tell her of his plans for her new position early on. Zuko was told by Iroh that to keep hope alive, he needed to face Azula. Zuko, however, was weakening mentally, and the powers he learned from the dragons were slowly leaving his mind. Despite this, Zuko left with Katara to defeat Azula.

The Duel

Azula fights Zuko

Azula gains the upper hand

As Azula's coronation closed, Zuko and Katara landed just before the crown was placed in her bun. Azula challenged Zuko to an Agni Kai, and he accepted. Katara was about to help Zuko, but she instead found herself fighting Mai and Ty Lee in the plaza.

Zuko and Azula started their fight quickly with vicious blasts of fire smashing into each other. Despite his mental health, Zuko still fought well, though he was not very calm, allowing Azula to remain even with him. Zuko blasted dozens of powerful fireballs at Azula in a row, but she dodged them all with grace. Azula then started to fight more viciously and propelled herself closer to Zuko. Zuko attempted to knock her off her feet, but Azula was able to avoid him, though her hair ended up becoming undone. Zuko would of then gained the upper hand, but he performed a fatal move of attempting to create lightning. He failed, and was thrown backwards. Azula then got up, and moved in to attack.

The Upper Hand Gained

Zuko slides over the ground

Zuko is killed

Zuko attempted to get back his feet before Azula could, but he failed, and Azula was able to take advantage of Zuko's setback. She closed in on him, setting huge rings of blue fire his way. Zuko barely dodged them, and one nearly slit his throat. Azula slowly started to gain the upper hand. Soon the fight turned out to be Zuko's struggle to survive. He considered escaping, but he knew it was not the honorable thing to do. Azula nearly ended the fight by hurdling a massive Fire Disk at Zuko, though he was able to disintegrate it.

Eventually Azula got tired of fighting, and decided to end it. She tricked Zuko into entering a redirecting position by generating lightning, which left Zuko's legs unguarded. Right before shooting the lightning, Azula blasting a ball of fire into Zuko's legs, knocking him to the ground. Zuko tried to get up, but Azula made sure he died by zapping him with the lightning she created, killing him.


Zuko's death was witnessed by Katara, and it effected her so much she lost the will to might Mai, Ty Lee, and soon enough, a Comet-enhanced Azula. This caused her to be defeated and killed, giving the Fire Nation another victory. The result of the battle caused Azula to be crowned Fanon:Fire Lord, leaving the world in terror. With the Battle of Ba Sing Se also lost, the Fire Nation achieved total victory in The War.

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