Fighting An Ally
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Avenger Cycle: The Last Lion Turtle







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1st August 2012

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The Shadow

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The fast collision sent Piandao and Jikir flying into the ground.

Piandao was the first to recover. He leaped from the ground and drew his sword. He was about to force Jikir to remain on the ground.

But finally, Jikir recovered and stood up. He jumped backwards. He then drew his own sword, which Piandao instantly recognised as an unearthly creation.

"Who are you?". Piandao spoke first.

"I'm just a passerby. You don't need to know who I am. But if you get in my way, I will strike you down." Jikir replied bitterly.

At this, Piandao showed a slightly angry expression. However, he mostly remained calm as he moved past Jikir and striked his left shoulder.

Jikir looked angry and attempted to retaliate by swinging his sword at Piandao.

But as the blade drew near to his body, Piandao moved to the right, and then jumped right over his foe. He then sliced his right shoulder, drawing blood.

Jikir dropped his sword and looked surprised and irritated.

"Ugh... No."

Piandao seemed bitter as he defeated his foe. "You should not have threatened me."

"You are an excellent fighter. You would have made a brilliant teacher". Jikir suddenly disappeared.

"What?!". Piandao waved his sword about, confused. Then, strangely, he closed his eyes, and placed one of his feet firmly into the ground.

He then sliced through what seemed like empty air.

"AGH!" Jikir fell to the ground, unconscious and bleeding badly.

Then, Hama emerged from the mansion and shouted.

"Piandao, stop!". Hama's message hit Piandao firmly and confidently.

Piandao's expression suddenly calmed and he withdrew his weapon and sheathed it.

"No, this isn't what I wanted. I am sorry, sister, I have let my anger control me". Piandao apologised.

"Brother, you were not ready to fight the Mayor. This is exactly what I was trying to tell you would happen. Now, please let me heal this poor boy". Hama lectured.

Piandao looked disappointed in himself and walked into the mansion.

Hama walked over and tended to Jikir's wounds using waterbending. She then carried him inside.

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