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I Am the Solution


Part One - Joining



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June 12, 2015

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The Mask

Five years later

Equalists headquarters, March 24, 171 AG

Iesen pinned her sparing partner against the mat, hitting him perfectly into the chi-spot, leaving the other Equalist laying paralyzed on the floor of the training hall.

Not long after she was recruited, Amon singled her out to be his personal apprentice. That was an honor, given that Amon rarely trained the Equalists himself. Only the best few had the opportunity to learn from the leader himself, and Iesen was one of those few.

Equalists were not in the shadows anymore. This was war. They would take over and rule over the benders, and equalize the world. And Amon had a new target. Avatar Korra, who recently arrived in Republic City

Oh, Amon, how she admired him. A bright and wonderful leader, ready to equalize the world. After she had joined Equalists, he had spent every day personally training her to be the perfect fighting machine, mastering chi blocking and electrified glove fighting. They became good friends. Best friends. He was there for her, the only one who understood her, who was in the same situation, and she would do anything for him. She would die for him.

But Iesen was never allowed to actually fight, usually working behind the curtain, planning the battles and so on. Amon kept saying that she was a secret weapon.

Iesen walked out of the hall to her room. All the highest ranked Equalists had their own small room at Equalists' headquarters. Since she had nowhere else to live, she actually lived at the headquarters, and she was happy there. She let down her now longer black hair and slipped on her black coat. The reminder of her life on the streets. She still wore it, even though it was old and shabby. Iesen smiled slightly at her reflection.

"Are you sure I can't come along?"

This was the night they had planned all along. They would attack the Pro-bending Arena during the tournament finale.

And all the Equalists were going to fight. All except for her.

Amon turned to face Iesen. The mask was hiding his face.

"How many times do I have to explain it to you?"

His words were harsh, but his tone was calm and caring.

Caring. Iesen wondered if he really cared for her or if she was just a weapon in his eyes. Just a tool to help him get what he wanted. Sometimes, she wished he saw her as she saw him.

Amon continued.

"You are a weapon I want for the end. You will attack when they think they've won. I don't want you dead in the first battle."

"I would die for you! I would die for the revolution!"

Iesen was almost shouting now. Block your feelings. Don't show your emotions. Don't let your feelings show.

She sighed.

"I'm sorry. I just feel like you think I can't fight."

Amon looked down at her.

"That is not correct. I am sure that you are skilled enough to join the fight. It's not about the skill. It's about the element of surprise."

Amon left the room without looking at her.

Amon. Iesen wasn't sure what she felt for him. Love? Tenderness? Loyalty? But he would never look at her that way. Block your feelings. Revolution comes first.

Love problems weren't important for this. She was to him, and always will be, a soldier. But she wished that it was different.

Next morning, March 25

Iesen felt empty staring at the newspaper title in her hands.


She missed everything. Amon insisted that she should stay in her room. She wanted to fight. How would she ever avenge her parents? All the benders deserved it. She saw Avatar Korra in the newspaper again; she and her stupid little Team Avatar thought that they could stop the Equalists. They were wrong. They were horribly wrong.

March 28

A few days later, it was the day.

"Republic City is going down today. I am counting on all of you."

Amon was speaking to all the Equalists. They were attacking Republic City today. Iesen was ready to fight. He would finally let her on the battlefield. She slipped on the electrified glove. She was wearing the Equalists' uniform and her black coat over it. She looked at her reflection. It was time.

They were all battle ready. Amon was giving his final orders. He walked to her last.

"I am counting on you to live through the battle. I'm going to need you for later, Iesen. It is your chance to prove that I was not wrong to make you a highly ranked Equalist at such young age."

His voice was calm as always.

"I like your new hairstyle."

He said it quietly before leaving the room.

Iesen would not disappoint him. She would bring him victory. It was weird to love someone when you didn't even know what that person looked like. Or his real name. She just loved him for what he was. A brave leader. A friend. She was ready to win. Or die. She didn't care. She never felt like this.

Revenge was best served cold.

Screams. Water. Fire. Crying. Earth. Electricity. Screams.

And then silence.

Iesen sat next to the wall and wiped the blood from the shallow cut on her cheek with her hand. It was over. Republic City had stood no chance. They had won. And Amon would equalize them all. Her lips formed a smirk of satisfaction.

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