Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Fighter in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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The upcoming fanon Fighter is about the Freedom Fighter Smellerbee and her new unit of Freedom Fighters. They've become a global peace-keeping organization and she is still in place as Jet's heir and current leader of the Freedom Fighters.

Smellerbee will be going undercover to try and take down the growing criminal element in Republic City. She is no longer the awkward little girl mistaken for a boy but a tough, deadly, not to mention beautiful woman.


It all started in tragedy.

She was a normal little girl until the Fire Nation came and seized her parent's land. They burst into their home and forced them to give up everything they had; including their lives.

They were murdered in front of her eyes and that image still haunts her. She managed to escape them because she was a fighter. Left without a family or home this 'ugly duckling' was forced to wander.. alone. She didn't know where she would go but she knew she would survive.

Nearly starved and lost in the woods, by chance she met a charming rogue named Jet and was introduced to his band of Freedom Fighters. She had found herself a new family and for a time she was happy.

Growing up as one of the only girls in a camp of boys isn't just tough it's nearly impossible. Especially if you wanted to be treated equally. She had to prove early on that she could be just as efficient as one of the boys. That she could hit like the boys. Run like the boys. Act like the boys.

Even though fitting in was important to her, she hated when she was mistaken for a boy physically. She would have to fight back any sign of emotion in front of them because that would show weakness.

She learned to be a soldier. A noble warrior fighting for freedom. A skilled assassin fighting to stop the Fire Nation from making more little girls like her orphans. She learned to fight. She learned to not only be one of the boys, but to beat the boys.

She was faster. She was more accurate. She was smarter. She was deadly. She was a fighter.

After Jet passed away the role of 'leader' of the Freedom Fighters fell to her. She transformed the group from a misfit rag-tag group of vigilante orphans to a group that stood for freedom and peace.

They rallied protests and did their best to avoid confrontation.

Yet, conflict is constant.

Republic City was founded and within no time crime and gangs were becoming rampant.

There are rumors of a group of men who still cling to the beliefs of Fire Lord Ozai. They want revenge for the humiliation of their nation and Republic City will be their victim. They will see it burn to the ground or die trying.

If that's not bad enough...

There are hushed whispers that a young Waterbender named Yakone is organizing a criminal underworld and placing himself at its throne to reign as King.

The Freedom Fighter's inner-most circle are some of the most accomplished warriors. This rising threat of oppression gets their attention quickly and they need someone to deal with the matter.. quietly.

Her skills, her experience, and her determination make her a perfect choice.

Plus, the Avatar or anyone else wouldn't recognize this beautiful woman. Not after they had mistaken her for a boy all those years ago. Not after the ugly ducking had radically transformed into the deadly swan.


  • Smellerbee will be the main character.

Most of the cast of The Last Airbender will make multiple appearances.


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