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Bolin realizes
Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

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, and Stroe Vintrel in The One Known as Fiery Guy}}
Zhao attacks
Fiery Guy
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The One Known as Fiery Guy

Fiery Guy is a powerful bounty hunter.


Starting his Career

Fiery Guy was originally a simple bounty hunter who simply worked for the highest bidder. Then, Boli talked to him, and turned him into his own personal bounty hunter with money and power.

First Assignment for Boli

Before Boli was captured, he hired Fiery Guy to come to the battle. Fiery Guy didn't show up until after Boli was captured. He then found the Stone Cave}}, and knocked out Heesu}} and Stroe. He then fought Zaru. He distracted Zaru, and broke Boli out. Zaru then trapped them, knocked them out, and ran.

Getting Zaru again

After the kidnapping of Rose, Boli made contact with Fiery Guy, and sent him out again. Fiery Guy caught up to Zaru and his friends, and attacked. After a battle, they ran away. When they were in the middle of the desert, Fiery Guy came back. He almost killed Stroe, but Zaru went into the Avatar State, and turned the fire back at Fiery Guy, apparently killing him. Fiery Guy came back hours later stating he was immune to fire. A final fight occurred, and it ended in a draw.

Powers and Abilities

Fiery Guy is a very powerful Firebender. He has the rare ability to generate blue fire, which is much more powerful. He has shown amazing feats with Firebending, including creating enough fire to fill an ocean. He is also immune to all fire and lightning.


Fiery Guy is dimwitted, unpredictable, and violent. Boli has to constantly make offers to keep him on his side. His greatest weakness is his stupidity.


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