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Last time on TLAT The final battle between the sages and the assassins has begun. Baizken and his father fight, trying to break the lines. Gatton, Smoke, and Amax fight Praetor Raingeous. Raingeous uses lightning generation and is about to strike Sage Amax in the chest. Elsewhere, Finosa comes home to Grandma's cookout.


Duma's eyes looked at his home. His wings flapped a little faster knowing he would be home soon... and safe. Finosa saw the streets, full of confusion. It must have been an exciting day. She thought about her grandmother. She must be so worried.

"We're almost home Duma; we're almost home," she said.

She saw Grandma standing in the back yard, with fish? A dozen fish, give or take. Duma's head perked up. Finosa knew he must have smelled fresh fish.

"Come on, boy, let's land up front," Finosa said.

She steered Duma out onto the street and got him to land out front. Grandma had left a letter n the door. She could tell she was angry. She opened the front door and walked through her house. She came out the back door and looked at her grandma.

"Grandma?" she called.

"Why hello, Fin, I got a lovely deal on twenty-something pounds of fish. So, since they spoil so quick, I decided to cook them all at once," said Grandma.

"So you aren't mad?" Finosa questioned.

"No, I'm furious. Just not with you, mainly your grandfather and your dad," said Grandma.

"Oh, what other foods do we have?" asked Finosa.

"Ocean Kumquat."

"Yum, I can't wait," said Finosa, seriously.

"Speaking of, them, where are they?" asked Grandma.

Finosa just shook her head.

The air smelt of fire, the ground of ash. Fire flew like never before. Shurikens and stilettos flashed their gold colors in the corridors. The battle felt like endless slow motion. No one had an advantage in this fight. Baizken was taking down assassins left and right, but he wasn't putting a dent in their lines. Sven was fighting hard. The sage's robe was covered in ash and sweat ran down his forehead. Baizken took down a tall assassin and blocked a blast with his sword. The sword was getting hot now. His hands started to callus. Someone attempted to attack his dad from behind. Baizken tried to get to his father, but his dad already had taken the pudgy treacherous sage down.

"Pretty good, dad," said Baizken.

"Focus on the fight son. I feel we may turn the tides on this battle. Nice sword..." said Sven.

Baizken looked to the left and to the right. He took down another assassin. His dad took down two. They kept getting up and returning to the back of the front. Some good sages had started to fall. The battle was turning for the worse.

"Heh, yeah, Dad it's a long story," Baizken said while dodging a fireball.

"... Which I am sure you will tell me when were home," said Sven.

Their humor was good, but they could not stop the inevitable. They were starting to lose the battle.

Flashes of light lit up the thrown room. Gatton could only watch in sadness and remorse. He shut his eyes and thought it would be the last time he saw Amax alive. Smoke watched to; he knew he had to end it. Could he make lightning disappear? Only one way to find out. He concentrated with all his might and Amax braced for impact. The smoke filled the air. Amax did a quick blink. He wasn't dead; just covered in soot. Enough soot to cover him black. Gatton looked at Smoke. The young adult stood proudly and looked at Raingeous. The praetor launched a fire blast at Smoke. He blocked it, but he fell over. Amax was to tired to fight, however Gatton was ready to fight. Raingeous launched a multitude of fire jabs at the Avatar. He made a shield using airbending. Gatton looked and Raingeous was coming toward him. The former sage launched a flaming kick at Gatton. The Avatar jumped up. Smoke and Amax looked at Gatton. He went into the Avatar State. Gatton's eyes flashed light for an instance. He saw another awful vision of the future for a second. He came back, down to the ground hard using airbending. Gatton launched one giant fire bomb and it blew Raingeous against the wall. Using earthbending, the wall restrained his arms and legs against the wall.

"It's over," said the weary Avatar.

The three walked toward the praetor, struggling to get free.

"What are we going to do about him?" said the head sage.

"I wish I knew," said Gatton.

"He needs to be dealt with. The spirits need him to be gone. I'm going to send him to the Spirit World, the hard way," said Smoke.

"What?" said a confused Raingeous.

"You always wanted me to use my techniques on humans. Watch close," said Smoke.

Smoke concentrated hard, harder than ever before. The ex-sage was gone just his suit pinned to a wall.

"What are you going to do now?" asked Gatton.

"I'm going to meet my mother..." said Smoke.

"Huh?" both Gatton and Amax said.

Smoke pointed his hand to himself. His faced looked tense then eased. He disappeared into a cloud of smoke. Just his street clothes were left. Gatton looked at Amax. They both went outside the room. They helped the good sages win the fight and there were almost no casualties for the sages.


The sages were able to bring peace back to the government. Amax was able to retire. The sages decided to change the government and made Pytharus the first Firelord. Grandma invited them all to a huge fish cookout in the backyard. Gatton taught Finosa how to completely control her purple fire and Baizken still practices with his sword. Peace has returned to the Fire Nation.

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